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It's been a while since LeBron James had a summer off


Another thing that's going on in the sports world that hasn't happened in a long time. And that is LeBron James is not going to be in the playoffs. People. Not not. I'm not saying he's not gonna be in the finals. He's not going to be in the playoffs in the playoffs might you? Remember, what was going on in the world last time? Lebron wasn't in the playoffs. Man. I probably have some hair on my head. It was a little slimmer. I can't will what what was the LeBron year last time. He. Two thousand and five five was the last time. I just moved to Indianapolis the last time LeBron James Mr. playoffs and that was Reggie Miller's last season. Two thousand and five Reggie Miller. The hall of fame now debt is a long time. But here's a real question. Are you surprise LeBron? And the Lakers missed the playoffs. If you would've asked me before the season, I would have said like they'll make the playoffs. I felt like they would've made made the playoffs and before LeBron's injury. They were doing pretty well. And it looked like it was heading that route. And then when LeBron came back, and you had Anthony Davis say y'all I'm out of New Orleans. I want trade, and then you had all the trade stuff kind of league. That's always straight downhills last one. It was all over and at that point as said, there's no way like this team from a mental standpoint is just done, and you even saw like the way LeBron was playing and kinda handling things that seemed like he was a little bit over it as well. I I don't necessarily blame. Lebron? You know for not making the playoffs because listen he's one of the best players to ever play. An actually still believe he plays at a really high level. I blame Dale damps. Former general manager of the pelicans because he did one of the greatest moves I've ever seen in sports after having a player try to force his way to another team while the season was going on. And while he was under contract. Dale Deb's allegedly. I'm using air quotations to because we don't know this is this is just allegedly right? Leaked a bunch of trade. Rumors in destroyed the Lakers lack room from within. It was beautiful. It was absolutely beautiful. So I blame Dale dips for the reason. The Lakers have not made the playoffs this year. Well, I you know, when all those trade rumors were going on. I took my seven year old son to the Pacers Lakers game. And that was in, you know, right before days before the trade deadline, and I told my son I said, you know, what I said it. It's Tuesday night. You got school tomorrow? We'll stay to the end of the third quarter. And of course, he was upset about it. He's like I want to say vogue, and I want to say the whole game. The fans here in Indy. Every time somebody wants to the to the free throw with coups, Mark McGhee or land. Stevenson, the crowd chanted the bra wants to trade you the bra was it was great. And that was a game where LeBron suffered the worst loss of his NBA career lost by forty two points dinner, third quarter. My son said dad, we can leave now four thirty. He felt good that the patients are gonna win the game. But you're you're right. When all that stuff went down. They went downhill they day completely just the young players were mentally weak in could not handle the outside distractions. They couldn't just focus on basketball. You got you got your homeboys your friends of families all in years. Hey, you get trae. Lebron doesn't think you're good enough? The Brown was Anthony Davis. And that plays that plays mind games on you. That's a minor thing. But again going back to the original question when the season started. I think yeah, come LeBron James is not missing the playoffs. They're not going to be one of the top season. Wes, but any team LeBron James on his should be good enough to make the playoffs. Yeah. Whenever he hits those boys got into the fetal position to

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It's been a while since LeBron James had a summer off

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