Stanton, Andujar join Yankees' lengthy injured list


On Monday Yankees, also dealing with injuries. Beguel Andrew Harr runner up for American League rookie of the year, injuring his shoulder on a headfirst slide on Sunday turns out into torn labrum he may be facing season ending surgery manager. Aaron Boone says, the Yankees are opting mystic and do heart will respond to treatment and surgery won't be required. He was placed for now on the injured list. Although it's unclear how long it'll be out Yankees have another outfielder on the injured list, Giancarlo Stanton. Tune goes on the list with a strained left. Biceps which he injured on a swing? Do you? Remember, what at-bat you actually injured yourself? Yes. I. Third. Swing three one say. Did you consider telling them at that point in coming out of the game? Or did you feel that it wasn't that big a deal? Yeah. Contemplated that? One, sir. Cramp or some more significant. So just let a couple of mornings play out. And and go inside and swing a little bit. See if I could could do it. And I thought it had enough to finish the game. At least, but told you afterwards that it was something more significant than it was maybe a bigger issue. Well in the in the middle of the game, you got your drill. And you got. Everything pump in especially the want to stay out there. So once you settle down and can address shower and whatnot. When you're gay dessert, a little better and things start tightening up if if they're not, right? Giancarlo Stanton becoming the third Yankees outfielder go to go on the injured list already this season joins Aaron Hicks with his lower back. Jacoby ellsbury with his hip and plantar fasciitis. Clint Frazier is being recalled from triple A he will replace Stanton on the active

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