The 40 Percent Rule

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You've ever run a marathon or survived a natural disaster or given birth. You know that your body is capable of much more than you think. One US navy seal has turned this idea into a life hack that you can use to achieve mental toughness. It's called the forty percent rule. And it's pretty simple when your mind says you're done you're only forty percent done. The idea came from a navy seal named David Goggin 's and some people call him the toughest man alive. I mean, he's an iron man triathlete who finished fifth in the one hundred and thirty five mile bad water ultra marathon in death valley, and he used to hold the record for most pull ups completed in twenty four hours, a billionaire named Jesse it slur paid Goggin to live with him for a month and teach him how he did it all the first day. He was there Goggin asked. It's slur. How many pull ups he could do? Here's what it's ler said happened next quote. I'm not great at pull ups. I did about eight. He said, okay, take thirty seconds and do it again. So thirty seconds later. I got up on the bar. I did six struggling he said. All right, one more time, we waited thirty seconds, and they barely got three or four, and I was done unquote and Goggin told him they weren't leaving until he did one hundred. It's ler thought he'd never do it. But he did thus. The forty percent rule Goggin would say that when your mind is telling you, you're done, you're really only forty percent done and believe it or not there's some scientific research to support this idea. A number of studies have found that the placebo effect has a big impact on sports performance. That is if you think something will improve your performance, they probably will the moral of the story is the next time. You think you can't do anymore? Remember that you probably

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