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First we're going to talk about other rockstar films joined today by my ringer colleague. And really one of the best writers about Rockstars in the world Lindsay's all Lindsey. Hey, how's it going? I'm doing really well. Thank you for joining me. You know Lindsey right before we started taping the show we were talking about what makes a kind of rockstar movie successful. And you know, there are two different kinds of movies. Like this her smell falls into the completely fictionalized. But inspire. By category, where the characters in it exists in a realm that seems familiar, but isn't real Becky something seems like Courtney love, but she is not Courtney love. And then of course, there's the bohemian rhapsody ask bio pic version that, you know, attempts to tell the truth and often is more false than the movie that is completely fictionalized for you, which makes us successful rockstar movie in which of those do you prefer. I tend to prefer the ones that are creating this whole other world that doesn't exactly exist in in the actual music universe answer, the non bio-pic ones, which are these movies that have come out in the past year that all kind of fall into that category. Pretty much all are those sorts of movies. But those tend to be my favorites. Yeah. Why do you think? So right now, we're in this moment, and you writing a piece about this on the site this week where teen spirit is being released this week. It's maximum galas story of popstar pile fanning. A star is born last October. The one. Her smell. No, I don't wanna quit backs. Lux Brady Corbett portrait of a pop star in the aftermath of nine eleven starring Natalie Portman. The aforementioned bohemian rhapsody wire all of these movies happening right now. Do you think I really don't know? I mean, one really interesting parallel that I put it out to you earlier is that each of those movies, I guess with the exception of her smell sort of are directed by male actors like people that we primarily identifies actors before directors. So that that is just interesting to me in general of of people like they seem to be wanting to say something about performance and stardom, but through the proxy of generally younger or more famous woman, and that's just a very strange parallel that I'm not sure what's going on there. But I think there's a sense right now with social media that sort of anyone can become a pop star. I mean, we. To crossover into the music field week. I will not ex- right now who this viral star who just has the number one song in America overnight sensation because he was able to use social media into becoming famous. So I think there's this sense right now that pop stardom is easier to achieve and and that if you have a certain idea or machinery behind you that you can just not your fingers and become a pop star. I do not think it's that easy. And that's the issue. I have with some of these movies and the way that they conceive of twenty-first-century pop cultural stardom, but I do think there's that sense that if anyone can become a pop star on the internet, then so can Natalie Portman are we can imagine her in that role or L fanning or something like that? There's this almost anyone can do it notion in the air right now that I think is contributing something to this. You know, we're gonna talk about some of our favorite. Versions of these kinds of movies. I think we should say that for the most part the bio pic more so than the original story tends to be more successful and the massive success of bohemian rhapsody, which is I would say an abnormality. But also indicative of kind of where music movies may be going. I think sets aside the fact that like there's something kind of dull and bland and Oscar is about the bio pic in the original story. I feel like creates a whole new world of creation for us. You know, what are some of your favorites from that John rea-? I mean, I have a very long. A couple. Yeah. The first one will I kinda was thinking in terms of these movies that have come out recently almost each of them. I sort of had in mind, oh, I like X movie from the past better, and in thinking of vox lox, I was comparing it a lot to Todd Haynes velvet goldmine.

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