U.S. unveils plan to control some toxins in drinking water, sets no limits


One. We acting director of the Environmental Protection Agency was in Philadelphia today to announce what's being billed as the first ever national plan to address contaminants in drinking water found in high levels around military bases like the willowbrook naval air station. The bourbon bureau chief, Jim Melwert reports acting EPA director Andrew Wheeler caused the plan to address p Foshan drinking water comprehensive and all encompassing. The action plan commits EPA to take important steps that will improve how we research monitor attack and address P CPA's had an advisory level for P fos. But they've never said it enforceable. Limit Wheeler says they will set that limit buddy ads. They'll take until the end of the year to decide what that number should be environmental lawyer Mark cougar from upper Dublin says he's deeply disappointed by what he feels is an ongoing lack of action seven months ago. Residents of Horsham Warrington Warminster township poured their heart out to about horrible diseases birth defects grave concerns about the health of their children. This does nothing to address any of that state rep Todd Stevens says is a lifelong resident he welcomes EPA finally taking action. But as you said for years, though, he believes there should be zero tolerance of the chemicals and drinking water. Studies of their effects continue peeve. Family of chemicals found that all kinds of household items like Teflon or some fabrics. They were also in firefighting foam used at the willow grove naval air station

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