Colorado store closing after boycotting Nike over Kaepernick ad


Me that thought that Nike was making a huge mistake. By going all in on Colin Kaepernick, you're a fool. As did the owner of a chain of Colorado Springs sporting goods dirt primetime sports guy has been a business twenty one years and after Nike launched that Colin Kaepernick ad because everyone to go beserk and lose their minds. He said, that's it. I am not I'm putting I'm not going to carry. I'm not going to be a Nike dealer anymore. I'm renouncing my Nike citizenship. I will not sell any Nike products because their decision to partner with the polarizing Colin Kaepernick. After twenty one years in business. His stores are now closed. Here's the court from him as much as I hate to admit this, perhaps there are more Brandon Marshall and caller Nick supporters out there than I realized. Yeah. I would bet on if I'm going to bet I'm going to go with Nike, and I'm not certainly siding with Colin Kaepernick on us to take a knee or whatever. But you know, if you're in business your business to make money, if you're gonna make a political stand you will in the fall on the sword and lose your your livelihood. That's on you. It's it's noble. I guess maybe silly insurance side too. But it's it's your decision as this guy did, but but the lesson there is if you're in business, you better stay on top of emerging trends, and what what the tastes of the market in which you are trying to appeal to where were they are today in two thousand nine hundred and it could change by this time tomorrow, but it's awfully tough. When you make a stand is it not

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