Kim Kardashian's BFF Shuts Down Rumors She Pulled A Jordyn Woods With Kris Humphries


Hilton posted an article that said Coachella two thousand hundred Kris Humphries in Larssen Pippen's spotted getting friendly and playful VIP party. And the caption is largely have been is one of Kim Kardashian best friends to even other Jordan would situation on our hands. Does this breaker code, obviously, referencing the fact that Chris and Kim we're married all of which I seventy two days, but still and Laura comments the conversation lasted all three minutes. He told me he's Scotty since he was fourteen that he loves him. And I said so did I Scott as her husband to me? It was just like the what what are you gonna say? No, I want you to the reason that I liked this one is because Larsen. Can sometimes be like shady, I guess, and this was like not shady she would just straight out explaining the facts of what happened immediately doubt. Like shutting down. Am. I the only one that's out that the Scotty commentary at the end was more interesting because I from what I know they're separated right now one I do think that was interesting in to I didn't like the fact that this is framed of like to even other Jordan was at our hands like what no it was incredibly stupid and also like. I think honestly if law so wanted to sleep with Kris Humphries, Kim would be like, listen, that's your choice. I'm going to advise you not to do whatever. The fuck. You would be like be my fucking guest on you want to put yourself through that not just as you know, they did not have a good marriage. And Chris that is one person that like the credentialing speak pretty highly of most people in terms of like people they were previously involved with they don't speak highly of Chris. Yeah. I think there I think that. The reason that they speak so unfavourably about him isn't isn't even as much of the marriage. It was just like the aftermath of it in the way, he acted. But I think he's he's cleaned up a little bit recently because he had that player's Tribune article where he was like he was like the the marriage was real. I just want to clarify that despite comments I made it in the past like the marriage was a hundred percent. I don't know totally. It was just I was happy to see Larson kind of comeback at

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