Steelers to trade Antonio Brown to Raiders: Who won, who lost?


Talking Antonio Brown just tweeted, hashtag raider nation and a picture of him in an Oakland uniform. So he's reportedly according to profootballtalk getting a new deal as part of a trade to the Oakland Raiders. Antonio Brown's three year whole quote will increase from about thirty nine million to fifty million dollars over three years per the pro football talk source know, how much is it. How much was fifty point one to five million years with Oakland? Antonio Brown says he's going to the raiders. Wow. Thank you to Sager. What's your first thoughts? When you hear something like that Torres. And we'll talk the tours when he comes back whatever he's doing that. I know I said did I break that news because I I asked Howard. And he you know, he he jumped right to the raiders I feel like I kind of put the wheels in more. You're taking credit for Howard's picking the raiders. Yeah. I mean, I just you know, nobody was talking about Antonio Brown all week. And I brought it up in ten minutes later. He gets traded. I'm I mean, I'm not saying I'm just saying you know, what I mean? I it does make you wonder that they were a little bit desperate because you know, obviously one more year in Oakland than making a big splash in Las Vegas to. They dropped the ball. I believe on the Khalil Mack thing. They wanted to get relevant and three does that mean that they're going to keep Derek Carr for now for another years? I what's going to happen there Torres see, and this is what I am actually genuinely confused about by the way. I didn't. I didn't like you shooting me down that I kinda shot. You're right. He did you just ignored it. It's okay. So I am a little confused about this though, Arne because what the raiders they trade Khalil Mack. They trade Amari Cooper. We hear that. Derek Carr might be on the trade block. And now they bring in Tony Brown. I I am Tonio Browns. Maybe the most gifted wide receiver in the league. But it just feels like I don't think the raiders what are they doing? Like are they rebuilding? Are. They not rebuilding Zaveri, bazaar, whatever thirteen months since Jon Gruden took over. I think it's a great move for the raiders. Okay. Was that one? They needed a splash like this to they needed some offensive weapons three. They needed something to help Derek Carr. And he's just not getting the help out there. He's he's just trying to do it all by himself. And he's a pretty good quarterback. That's not getting enough help. So. Yeah. Half the go ahead. Yeah. Had to do something. This is once they got rid of Amari Cooper. He didn't have enough. If weapons to get to now, he's got one of the best wide receivers. And all the game. I I think raider fans are going to love this. I think they're going to love it. But why do you tear down the team with the guys that you have just to bring in new young guys? You know?

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