Donald Trump, President And Obama discussed on The Candace Owens Show


Being killed the black lives matter movement started under democratic government with a black democrat president. I'm fully aware of this March from New York to Washington DC to raise awareness of this dating care like they didn't care until that that racism, right touched home. Now too many not to you. But to many Donald Trump is a symbol of racism. Let me go, right? So on November nine two thousand sixteen. The day after he won the election. Right. People woke up and said holy. America's racist. How could they elect someone who spews that kind of rhetoric who has these types of supporters, right? But we stood we stood on how as me personally. I was arrested. I've been shot with pepper spray ever torn rotator cuff because police beat me up for protesting. Right. Didn't hurt anyone whatever we've been saying emphasis years, but the majority of these white liberals ding care about black lives matter in or racism until Donald Trump came in office. But now, oh, he's racist. They didn't care about immigration Obama deported home, people are Obama deported more people than any president in history than any president in history. I might not be perfect. I may be a lot of things but true to myself. Through

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