College Admissions Scam


Number three. It just kinda goes to show how easily people can be swindled into things, and how our culture values getting into prestigious universities. So highly that people are willing to do things like this it unanmous USC student was approached by. This singer clown who set up all these diabolical ways to get unworthy students integrate colleges. She and her family rejected the opportunity to go on a fake sports team at a fake sports admission policy and pay out money for it. But others said, yes. And by the way, they're blaming their mom and their dad in one case, this Livia Jade, the daughter of Laurie Laughlin who her and her husband are in big trouble because they paid their way to get their daughter into a USA. She is now ruined. She had a evidently a million dollar co career and social media doing endorsements, and she says, it's all blown up parents paid away into college. He never wanted to go to and as far as USC goes, sixty USC students are being looked at to see if they had a similar plan, and we have another UCLA fake story.

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