Russell Wilson agrees to richest contract in NFL history


Quarterback. Russell Wilson stayed up late last night. So he could tweet out some good news. He's staying put komo's Corwin Hake reports. Number three, we'll sign the richest contract in NFL history. Wilson had set a midnight deadline to get the deal done. And when the team came through the quarterback broke the news in a sleepy video tweet. We gotta do according to ESPN's Brady Henderson the team will pay Wilson one hundred forty million dollars over four years, including sixty five million dollar signing bonus challenge for the Seahawks in terms of, you know, paying other players because you're talking about a league that has a salary cap. There's only so much money. They can spend for the Seahawks. The alternatives would have been to trade Wilson or allow him to play out the final year of his current contract and possibly sign. Elsewhere Henderson is pretty sure Wilson didn't want that as long as he could get that big contract from the Seahawks. And he wanted to stay in Seattle deal. Now Wilson and the twelve who love him can get some sleep. Almost more time. I

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