Did the Wizard of Oz inspire everything that came after it?


Not so much the way bomb put it together. Right. So I don't think it's it's so much the story that brings that up. Maybe certain cases, you know, obviously. Well, we'll have some pieces, and that was a piece honestly if we're already getting into. The first one. Well, that wouldn't have been my first piece. But definitely it's a piece where I feel like. This movie influence, so many other movies in its trope bean is like an in the fact that there's just so many like cliches one being let's see what I found. Oh, yeah. The part with a fight guards off camera. And then two seconds later. They appear wearing their. That. Okay. So that right there feel like that right there. I was laughing so hard on my mom kept looking at me because I was giggling and she's like. It's not that bad. And I'm like, what are you talking about a buck and love this? Right. That loving every moment of it every single time. I would giggle. I couldn't help it. And and that was one of them are like, oh my God. I believe and it was pulled off. So well, it's probably the best one ever. Right. And and it's great that you see that happen. So often in film, probably see that happen like sixty times. Yeah. Every every. Bunch of movies. Yeah. It's filled with those sorts of things. Uniforms into pull it right at the tail of that line right guards. Time. So yeah, any any I would say that my first puzzle pieces or sorry. What are we call them? The breaking apart pieces. We're we're still calling them puzzle. We're still trying to figure out how to specifically. Theme. These breaking it apart episodes. So then one of the pieces would definitely be how how the way it was edited. And just the way it was filmed it has influenced other films. They borrow from the style of it. And in. It's tro penis. So so it's like not specifically movie, but like tropes in themselves. Like, there's just so many of them, and there weren't tropes. Yeah. They weren't these cliche. They weren't when they made them exactly when the wizard of Oz came out is probably groundbreaking and all those areas, right? And now we've seen so many movies where they're like, oh, that's part. And you know, they're even like Rippin straight from it Oma, even where there's the Simpsons episode where the guards are doing the Ohio. Yeah. The the the witches guards, which I don't remember them wearing like show gun outfits. What would you say there are is that it's definitely of Asian? Yeah. Influence, right. Maybe japanese. You know what I'm talking about? Anyway, they're doing the Ohio saw. Oh, we and she's I mean Metallica Italian play that one of their one of their good songs. Take take them away to never never land. Is you know, that's taking it is.

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