Netflix Sets Title for ‘Haunting of Hill House’ Season 2 – Which Is Definitely Not About Hill House (Video)

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The hunting of hill house season two is in development. And we now know what it is going to be about Chris tell us about it. Yeah. There have been rumors that Netflix was interested in a second season. And at the time, it seemed kind of unlikely because the first season of he'll house wraps everything up pretty well and adapts one book and so on and so forth. But now we know there is a second season and rather than taking a traditional approach, Mike, Flanagan and Netflix. They're gonna turn it into an anthology series sort of similar to what AMC is doing with the terror. So each season is going to be a new story and while the first season adapted. Shirley Jackson's the haunting pill house season two will be adapting Henry James's the turn of the screw. Which is another classic ghost story. It's been adapted into a film into films. If you times before the innocence is probably the best example of this, very spooky black and white are movie. And this is really cool. I'm very excited. This I loved the haunting hill house per season. And I really liked turn of the screw. I think Mike Flanagan is very talented and undis- gonna assume because this is what I hill house. Did it's going to take a lot of liberties with the book because he'll house only really took like names in certain ideas, and then created its its whole like new thing. And I'm guessing that's what they're gonna do with this as well if they're taking that many liberties, why do they even need something to adapt with the second season. I mean, you know, there's brand recognition. I guess I guess it's also like a framework. Work because he'll house it borrowed ideas and frameworks stuff from the book. And I'm guessing this is gonna take that singer a framework where turn a screw it's about a governess who is hired to watch over to orphans, and she becomes convinced. The the mansion she's washing them in is haunted and the kids could see them. But at the same time, the book is very ambiguous in that. Maybe there aren't really go species. Just crazy. So I'm guessing they're going to use that formula where there's a woman who thinks house is haunted, but maybe she's nuts. That's what I'm guessing. They're going to use that as a springboard to create something new Jakup. I know you were a huge fan of this first season. What do you think of this news? Yeah. The first season's phenomenal. Mike Flanagan is phenomenal. I love this idea. I have not read the turn of the screw by have seen the innocence. And I feel that we have this idea the older horror films aren't scary. There could be spookier interesting. But the innocence is scary it holds up as a genuinely unsettling go story. Even though it's my God. Six years old now. So it's I'm very excited by this idea of with funding did in extent what Chris said is he took what Shirley Jackson was with the hanging Phil house and took two Matic core. And built it out in ways that were more personal to him or person was writing staff and transform those ideas into something that was passionate and personal to him as a storyteller. So like, I'm taking this. This very different goes story with very different ideas. And you know, remixing through his lens in the style of the first season that is incredibly exciting. And I am all for more. Great anthology driven hard to sounds like it's such. It's such a great idea to get more cool go stories in front of right

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