How Gut Bacteria May Be Linked to Lupus


Here's an article related to a link between the bacteria in your gut the intestinal microbiome and certain chronic diseases in this particular article has to do with lupus. Which is a systemic autoimmune disease that many of you have heard of and with any of these autoimmune diseases. It is your body's own immune system. The very thing that is supposed to keep us safe and healthy and pretty is attacking us. I tell my patients that it's a civil war inside your body with the immune system. It's like the police. Or attacking the good guys. And this particular study has found that within those people that have lupus or systemic lupus. S L E. Which causes chronic inflammation of the connective tissue involving things like your, cartilage and lining of blood vessels affecting by the way, one point five million Americans. They have found that a particular form of lupus that affects the kidneys. It's called lupus nephritis, which can be fatal. Can cause significant impairment of kidney function. They found that a certain microorganism or bacteria in the intestine was much higher. During these flares are exacerbated of lupus nephritis. And what they found is that a particular bacteria was found five times more likely. Rubino caucus nervous room in a caucus nervous in seventeen William will seventeen women that they studied. I'm sorry. Sixty one women diagnosed with lupus had five times the normal gut bacteria, then seventeen Williams similar ages and racial backgrounds that did not have lupus. So there were sixty one in the lupus category. Seventeen into control. They did not have excessive. This particular type of bacteria. And so we have known for quite a while that this imbalance of bacteria. This imbalance of the microbiome is associated with all sorts of of different diseases, everything from irritable bowel inflammatory, bowel disease, hypertension, certain heart issues. Lupus now lupus nephritis fatty liver and psoriasis. So these bacteria play a very delicate balance win we have the right amount of the good guys and the right amount of the bad guys. And there's growing evidence that a lot of these changes in the bacteria where you you. You lose the good bacteria in substituted for back. Abed bacteria is associated with what with what we eat processed foods stripped of fiber stripped of the nutrients tend to cause a shift to the more bad bacteria. So dietary fiber is key. Where do you get dietary fiber eat vegetables? There's also a fair amount of evidence that artificial sweeteners screw up these bacteria. So it's very interesting article. I posted it for those that have lupus, and maybe something for you to

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