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Is Amy Klobuchar Being Treated to a Double Standard?


I think that sexism certainly plays quite a large role in this context. There's there's no doubt about that. I think that the double standards that people place on Hillary Clinton versus other candidates who are men, I think is quite staggering. And so the case you mentioned Amy klobuchar is pretty interesting so Amy klobuchar a Senator from Minnesota whose declared her candidacy for the democratic nomination, she goes to MRs Clinton's home in Washington seeking her guidance and counsel, and then a few days later on the campaign trail said that she would visit Wisconsin as the first state, and when she when she announced that she said something like because as you remember there wasn't a lot of campaigning in Wisconsin in two thousand sixteen and this was a reference to the fact that Hillary Clinton hadn't set foot in the state of Wisconsin in. Two thousand sixteen and of course, the Democrats were relying on winning that state and they didn't. And so it went from Michigan. So it went for Pennsylvania. So it went for a high. Oh, so when for Florida state's the Democrats were pretty sure they could maintain in the face of Trump they lost. And so I think there's a lot of anger about Mrs Clinton. Democrats are furious that Donald Trump is the president of the United States. And there's a real grave sense that Mrs Clinton Hillary Clinton's the person who've let that happen Amy klobuchar late said that her comments regarding Wisconsin had been misinterpreted and she telephoned Mrs Clinton to clarify that. So what exactly she was trying to get at I dunno? But at least, that's what club has said one would expect that maybe there are a lot of Democrats who were looking at what happened to Hillary Clinton in two thousand sixteen and her journey from being the most popular politician in the United States to wanna be least popular and most toxic brands in politics at all they probably look at that. And I would expect think will that could happen to just. About eighty one. I was looking at some figures that Gallup had put together it tracks Hillary Clinton's popularity starting back in nineteen Ninety-three and finishing just prior to twenty sixteen popularity peaked in nineteen ninety nine at sixty seven points, then almost peaked yet again, just prior to twenty thirteen at sixty six points. But it's right on the border of twenty thirteen going into twenty fourteen when she had left her job as secretary of state that had all plummets and goes right on down to forty one points at the end of the figures here, it really shows that as soon as she had been treated seriously in the press as a possible presidential nominee that everything really started to go haywire. If Hillary that happened for Hillary Clinton, isn't there an argument that that same sort of effective campaign could work against any democrat. I mean, I think there are probably a number of things that contributed to that. So I think three in particular one, I think Hillary Clinton was a much better, governor and policymaker. Her and public servant than she was a campaigner. She was much better and more in control more confident more, comfortable and exuded a greater sense of effectiveness. I think when she was actually working in government than when she was on the campaign trail. So I think when she pivots to the campaign mode. I think our popularity drops partly as a result of that. She simply a less impressive campaigner than she is a governor another factor, of course. And I think this is larger is pervasive disinformation campaign that Republicans orchestrated against her. It really does work to spew out huge array of lies and propaganda about a political candidate, especially when a major arm of the media.

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