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Support for NPR and the following message come from Amazon prime video with Llerena the new docu series that shares Lorena Bobbitt side of the story and investigates the headlines and press coverage twenty five years later lorraina now streaming on Amazon prime video two nuclear armed neighbors, India and Pakistan moved closer to war today. Both claim to have shot down the others fighter jets. India says one of its airforce pilots is missing and Pakistan says it captured him alive NPR's, Laura Fraser is in northern India and joins us now. Hi lorne. Hi, ari. Explain what happened today. So Pakistan says it conducted airstrikes along the India border. It also says it shot down two Indian aircraft that entered its airspace. It says it captured one of the pilots the spokesman for Pakistan's military, even tweeted out a photo of this pilot. India gives us slightly different set of events it accuses Pakistani planes entering its airspace. But it does confirm that one of its jets was shot down. And that a pilot is missing and video has emerged of a man that we think maybe that pilot. And here's what it sounds like. Myself seven by what like. My religious you can hear a commotion there. Somebody's phone is ringing in the background. The man is blindfolded. His face is bloody he identifies himself as a wing commander in the Indian air force. He calls his captors, sir. He's very polite. He asks if he is in the custody of the Pakistani army now, there's also another video clip, we can't verify the authenticity of these. There's another clip that's airing on Pakistani media in which the man's blindfold is off, and he's sipping tea and says he's been treated very well. Meanwhile, India has called these videos, vulgar and suggest they may even violate the Geneva. Convention lauren. This is a pretty scary esscalation along a border that has been tense for years. Why is the suddenly happening right now? In an address to his nation. Pakistan's prime minister, Imran Khan, explained it. He says pocket STAN is retaliating for Indian airstrikes yesterday. No. India says it launched airstrikes and killed a very large number of terrorists at a training camp inside Pakistan yesterday the training camp. It says was run by a banned militant group, and here's what Imran Khan said today. Download and MC Dipa, but there to get all their he's speaking in or do and he says the sole purpose of Pakistan's actions. Today was to convey this message, essentially, if you come into our country, we're going to do the same. So he says he's retaliating for Indian actions. But he did also offer talks with India. Now, the problem is India also says it's retaliating against puck istani actions. And it really depends on how far back you want to go two weeks ago. There was a suicide car bomb in Kashmir that's a disputed territory that split between the two countries that bombing killed forty Indian troops a Pakistan based militant group claimed responsibility. Okay. So this cycle seems to be escalating, but some version of this has been going on for the better part of seven decades. Right. So how do they avoid this blowing up into all out war? That's a really good question. The conflict does go all the way back to independence from Britain in nineteen forty seven in at partition podcastone. Was carved out of the Muslim majority areas of India. But the one exception was Kashmir. And that's this disputed Himalayan territory that's currently split between the two countries it's a Muslim majority area, but back in nineteen forty seven the local ruler at the time was a Hindu who joined India, and so the two countries India and Pakistan have basically been fighting over Kashmir ever since they fought three wars. We hope this is not leading into a fourth. That's NPR's, Laura. Fraser in northern India. Thank you, Lauren. Welcome. Ari? Support for this podcast and the following message. Come from Comcast business having the nation's largest gig speed network was just the start. Now, they're providing gig fueled apps and solutions that exceed expectations and help businesses perform Comcast business beyond fast.