Apple's March Event: a big new move into subscription software



One thing that's of concern to me. You know, someone's gonna have to deal with afterwards is that people expect toys at apple events. They expect hot new cool. Awesome. New fund new toys, new new and apple has been putting out stuff all this week, maybe to chill expectations of having toys at the event, which means we may not have any toys. It might really just be services versus services, which w w d you can get away with because I o s and MAC OS. And what that all makes your existing toys better and people still grumble, they still grumble when there's no hardware. Eddie software show because sometimes there is so I just got a feeling yes. They'll be star power. They'll be Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer garner reportedly JiJi age Abrams, maybe. And all these people famous famous big stars. But I worry if there's no product purple iphone eleven we're going to deal with a whole bunch of people going in doomed

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