The Mueller Report: Ball now in Attorney General's court


In Washington all eyes today on the Justice department once again as attorney general bar and deputy attorney general Rosenstein continue to review the special counsel Robert Muller's report on Russian interference in collusion with the Trump administration in the twentieth. Sixteen presidential election, Democrats and Republicans ally calling for the AG to make the report public to the fullest extent possible. We get the latest now from CBS is Wendy Gillette sometime today will likely learn more about what's in special counsel, Robert Muller's report. The attorney general is expected to release a summary. Democrats want the full report, the chairman of the House Judiciary committee, Representative Jerrold Nadler. I hope the department of Justice will not leave things hanging by seeking to keep things secret. He spoke on NBC, California Democratic Representative Adam Schiff says he respects the reports findings the issue of indictment of prosecution of that is Bob Mola's decision. And I have great confidence in him. He was interviewed on CBS face the nation. Republican Representative Jim Jordan on ABC. He said he's going to consult with rod Rosenstein, he's going to consult with the special counsel, Bob Muller, and he's going to release as much as he possibly can consistent with the law. I think the Democrats should be that should be what we all want an attorney general who operates according to the law. CBS news update. I'm Wendy July, Massachusetts, congressman Stephen Lynch saying he'd like to hear firsthand from the special counsel about his conclusions. And the contents of his report I would be shocked if we did not have Bob Muller, sit down the conditions of that whether whether it's public or whether it's private. And which committee she might sit before I think that's all open to debate. I know there are four or five committees in congress that would like to have shit for an interview. And then I think in fairness if there are still some underlying questions, I think probably a public hearing within at attendance as as the primary witness would be

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