Major pressure on Raptors going into playoffs


If Easter right now, let's talk about which team is the best in the east or at least which team. Do we have Preston? Are you guys down for this? Yeah. Okay. Let's start might as well start with the raptors even though we're going to get to the bucks. I'm really excited what Maliki Andrews next segment, but let's start with Iraq is because they lost at the buzzer. And that one heart thanks to generally on the Hornets are they lost? But right now fifty one wins on the season for behind the bucks. It'll be hard to catch the butts, even though the bucks are dealing with injuries and stuff. Are you guys feeling trust in the raptors especially coming this postseason because I think this postseason really matters. Everyone looks like as great as you guys are your regular season team when it comes to the postseason things really changed. And I think that's why messiah Jerry really made that difficult but necessary trade to get quite Leonard this year. I have a little bit more than the raptors are you on the same boat, buddy? I I predicted them to get to the NBA finals on the season started. I do have concerns that when I'm not talking about the first round I'm talking when we get to the second round after playing team like Philadelphia that it's going to get heavy dominated eyeso- bought the end of these games. And I think we see it during the year with. Colli asking him to be the closer at the end of these games. And there's been some good results. And there's not been not so good result. So yeah, I have concerns. I have concerns that cholera. It'd be a hundred percent when we get into playoffs here. He's certainly Nick up right now. I concern is that you have a rookie coach, Nick nurse. Who's never it's different. When you move one over. I mean, it really is. Now, he's the head coach and when you get into a seven game series. So yeah, I have I would say I have I have concerns for Toronto kind of where they are right now fifty one in twenty three. Yeah. And you also if you look at it. There's a lot of pressure. I feel like with this Toronto team for what they failed to do if they put on a good show during the regular season. And we know what the postseason has been of this franchise. But I think when you move a piece as popular in Toronto's demar rose and arguably more popular than Vince Carter was in his prime there for the length of time that he was there you could argue that's how big of an impact that this guy had in Toronto. And when you make that change of bringing quiet, Leonard. And then you when you make other changes like valid Shuna. So you bring in a guy like Marcus soul, who's a guy coming off the bench at this point right now, and providing that power and being that guy, I think when you made the moves the Toronto has made the pressure is on this team. I don't think it's as much about a one seater or not having a one c because as you look at previous champions at one seed is is not been in front of those teams names have won the title. But when you look at this Toronto team, they need to be healthy. These two stores have not played. Enough basketball as Toronto would've liked together this season as you look at as you look at Leonard in Lowery and for this team to find that groove and get going down the stretch. I don't think there's a team. I'm curious. What you guys think that has more pressure on them? You could maybe argue Golden State but outside of that. I think it's Toronto with the second most pressure in the NBA going into this this postseason. Yeah. I have to agree with you, Jordan. I do think that's Rhonda has a lot of pressure largely because of how they've exited at the hands of LeBron James or just being swept when they've had. I think NBA lead leading wins. Right. So there's a lot of pressure on

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