Marriott BonVoy Branding Confusion


To Marriott. Bon voyage. You haven't. We'll go. Check it out go to marry dot com or any of the Mariot, including the style would sites and you'll find that all of the branding is Marriott bond. Voi- and fact, you'll find that married bond. Voi- is everywhere Todd to actually find just married branding and the bond boy program. Really, I think is just that loyalty program. It's actually not the the rebranding such but what they've done in an attempt to basically saturate the market with this message about Mary bond voi- is that they've kind of confused their own branding. And so now all of a sudden, I go to every Mary website. And all I see is Mary Bon voyage. And look we can have a whole separate conversation about the merits of that particular branding. I mean, they say on the mayor. Bon Voici that they talk about. I think sort of enhancing your travel experience something which funny way, kind of precludes those people that aren't necessarily going to marry for travel. So if you're just walking down the road, your local Mariot for dinner, then this program's, really not for you. And of course, Bon voyage is really what they've done. They've sort of gone bond voice. Shortened version of bond voyage, which might not make sense. I mean to me, and I think most people Bon voyage is kind of happy journey safe journey have good trip and that Miceli associated really with holidays as opposed as opposed to business. And of course, a huge part of Marriot's guests are going to be obviously corporate guests. So again, we can have an argument about with the bond brand is the right brand for loyalty program different conversation. But I do think that regardless what they're doing right now with trying to shove this bond. Boy message down throat is actually confusing the Marriott branding as well. So marriott. Bon voyage. As far as we know is not the new name for Mariot. It's just the name of their loyalty program. It's just that. They've decided you should be saturated with that message or or right. That's it for

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