How Jamie Dixon-to-UCLA died, and what the Bruins will do next in their coaching search


Go to UCLA the LA times reporting barring an eleventh hour resolution, it appears that Jamie Dixon's candidacy to become UCLA's next men's basketball coaches, ended Dixon's eight million dollar buyout from TCU has become an insurmountable sticking point for both sides, so UCLA no coach still under support. But didn't he he looks like, you know, Steve Laven, you know, the hair. He looks sounds like been Jalan. It's like the same kind of thing. I don't know what Jamie Dixon's going to bring the UCLA. It's not now not now. Now you. He's a California guy. But I think you know, you now you go to the backup options, and obviously the one in north Hollywood north Hollywood guy. Yeah. But you know, coming here. He's got a. It just felt you need more. Yeah. You know, what I mean like that job is a great job anymore. You know what? I mean. He's out his great as it used to be. But you still just because of that you need to make a splash. Right. Well, that's why I was in on them trying to lure Calipari. But clearly Kalahari was going to go out there. It right. And then he did easier to recruit a Kentucky. Oh, no doubt. But if he would've brought that to LA would've been great if you would have brought the one and done to LA on my let me ask you, do you just go and just say, I Rick Patino. Let's do it even with all the stuff that's around him. No, no, no, not yet. You gotta get some point where you just flat out, desperate. Yeah. And and I don't think they're at that point yet. Okay. And Tim temptations a little different now are Lewis. Yeah. Who boy a whole lot different? Yeah. Here in LA. But we do know he can coach and build the basketball team. No doubt about it. Is that we not saying anything about us coaching. Right.

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