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Companies that helped make this happen for for you guys. And for all of us in for teacher generations to come right preserving these voices. So they can learn from these guys to what else should I tell you about him. Well, he doesn't sit around doing nothing right now. I think we're going to be joining him while he's studying for an exam. So as if it's not enough, you know, how to jump out of planes masterfully. He now he's learning how to fly planes. He's got a lot of other interests that we might get the chance to dig into snow. Circling and doing underwater quarter water stop. And of course, I wanna talk to him about restoring cars. I know that he be tinkering with his engines with his grandfather. So I think that's really awesome. That's being pasta on from generation to generation. What else should I tell you about him? Let me think. Well, he he was command muster charging. That's definitely something. I should mention and who specialists tactics operator with the twenty four th special operations wing very recently when he was awarded that very very well deserved more than well-deserved silver star. So without further ado, you guys ready to hang out with them certified bad ass letting out with Mike. Hey, mike. It's alison. How are you? I'm good. Thank you for being. So patient media. Hollywood, man. It's good thing. They're not running missions, right? It's

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