Jaguars release Blake Bortles costing $16.5 million in dead cap space


Blake Bortles was released by the Jaguars released. Not traded just dropped over sixteen million dead money counted against his team, and they still drop them. Now. Let's go back five years to the two thousand fourteen draft. Where was Bortles picked first round number three at the time. What did they say fantastic size NFL body type franchise caliber quarterback Mel kiper gave the Jaguars overall a for their draft that year and a Bleacher report was more cautious. They wrote Bortles is not nearly as ready to step in and play from day one as teddy Bridgewater is and he may not have the. Upside that Johnny Manziel does a him. Both Bridgewater and Manziel are currently looking for jobs Bridgewater, perhaps his third team Menzel just to job period. And now, so as Bortles all this proves is that there was no such thing as a guarantee in drafting a player and all the pre-draft type is just a lot of hot air designed to keep TV show sports, talk radio and scouting websites in clover year, round Bortles is exhibit a improving you don't know an NFL quarterback until he becomes an NFL quarterback five years ago is team used a top three pick five years later. He's cutting costing them

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