Spotify now #1 for podcasts in Spain, Indonesia and India



Spotify is continuing to grow. It's now the number one podcast player in India Spain and Indonesia report vox nest unsurprisingly says a different piece of research. Spotify users are far keener on podcasts. The news of Pandora. Some BBC podcasts are back in Google podcasts following a spat last week or search for BBC woman's hour. For example, finds the podcast within the app, but closer look reveals that the RSS feed and others like it is being republished by the BBC's advertising partner acoss, and the BBC's block is still in place. It's not clear whether this is a deliberate move. Now, the ability for anyone to copy RSS feeds and have their copies automatically show up in Google podcasts was mentioned to us by different public service broadcaster while we were at radio days Europe. Their concern was that spikes versions of RSS feeds with edited content. Could be made available bringing the broadcaster into disrepute or spreading fake news. We think they have a point is no, clear and obvious way. To know that that podcast is not coming directly from the BBC. In other news audio boom have posted record quarterly revenue four point six million US dollars. The company has also signed up a number of new shows and says that it's revenue per thousand listens is up sixty seven percent to twenty three dollars seventy seven. Ben cave has joined apple podcasts in a senior role and moves to California. He's worked for apple for eight years and was previously with production company. Something else formerly known as kimberlite as absorption podcast platform called blow promises to make it easy. Fuel fans to pay feel podcasts podcast Castro. Also announces a new personalization feature at eight o'clock Pacific this morning link in our show notes in our newsletter will. Work from then Paul Chater has announced Twenty-one data. Partnerships have podcast websites and apps using pod chaser. Created data services include radio public player. FM and pod news. Our editor James credit. That's me says pod news links to portray Zor from our podcast pages. Whenever we mentioned a podcast in our free daily newsletter. Poltrak have released some data about podcast categories, news and comedy are the fastest growing categories. According to the company important caveats. It's only relevant for the US and only relevant for those podcasts at measure through Padraig, but rain has analyzed the data revealing possibly served podcast categories. A textbook example of marketing podcast is James corden comments about chubby actors being typecast as funny friends rather than love interests made on the David Tennant podcasts from something else. The comments were widely reported in the UK, including ATV, the guardian the BBC the independent metro and many. More Tom Webster and another guy were interviewed after their session at radio days. You're willing to a video of that NPR is looking for a podcast audience strategist in Washington DC in the US and in podcasts, filling a void in podcasting and online culture, Derek manned, splaine's, it all contains a white man explaining things to people who aren't like him the white man in question is New York City based stand up comedian, Derek Humphry who's actually using this to understand other cultural groups, but don't let that get in the way.

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