Giannis Antetokounmpo drops 41 points, Bucks surge to sweep of Pistons


I have great news. It happened. Again. The pistons won the pistons won the pistons. Another first half of the playoff games against the bucks. However as the rules state they did have to also play the second half of the game during a gentleman by the name of Janas attentive PLO kinda to over Janas finish the game with forty one points, nine rebounds and a dominant performance that ended the season of the Detroit Pistons before we get to the pistons Jalen rose, what did you think of Janas dominance in the second half? I appreciate when your best player understands that it's a clo- closeout game. And they know out and have the best game of the series. I like that killer instinct, and this guy's virtually unstoppable as he gets a head of steam going towards the basket if you play off the him he takes up the space. It can do a euro step either way lead in good point goal. Over the top of you and bang out. And he still has the confidence to shoot jump shots, and he actually made a three. So as his office of game continues to evolve he becomes more of an unstoppable force in the league. You really does. I think a lot of people like, oh, it doesn't have a jump shot. Just back off of them say I don't know if you want him to gain that momentum those long strides long arms, you see he just went up against Andre Drummond under Jones seven foot one with long arms. These big he bounced off Drummond, switch to the other hand. And then finished in the air. Like, you do not want those types of problems. Jalen rose. The pistons have some problems now they're season's over. They didn't have Blake for the first two games in this series. I think a huge huge shout to Blake Griffin finishing out this series. He played pretty well. He was obviously hobbled. He had a great season.

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