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Other things factor in in terms of who the Steelers signed, but he is going to net. The Steelers a fairly decent pick and terms of compensatory. And of course, that's going to be addition by subtraction. Because he didn't bring them anything last year, but headaches, and if he's no longer with the. Organization they decide to walk away from him. But that's not the only situation. It's no longer Levy on bell in an isolated incident. As in Tony prone continues to be frustrated with everything that's going on with the Pittsburgh Steelers. And he's calling Ben Rothlisberger bed. Roth Asperger's calling out him AB ends up meeting with ownership. They both decide ultimately that they want to move on and Jeremy Fowler over at ESPN dot com. Has a nice piece talking about Kevin Colbert, the general manager of the Steelers, and he just throws all of his weight behind. Ben Rothlisberger calling Rothlisberger. The unquestioned leader of the locker room calling

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