Donald Trump denies NYT report he tried to interfere in Michael Cohen probe


That President Trump tried to interfere in the federal investigation of his former lawyer and fixer Michael Cohen. The president is now denying New York Times story that he asked then acting attorney general Matt Whitaker to put a Trump supporter in charge of the pro supporter. US attorney Jeffrey Berman had already recused himself from the investigation. And the times reports the president soured on Winokur when he was unable to make this happen. Auspey congressman Roque of the oversight committee and our correspondents analysts have full coverage of the day's top stories us, go straight to our White House. Correspondent Caitlyn Collins. Caitlyn take us through this truly remarkable report alleging that the president tried to influence the Michael Cohen investigation. Yeah. Wolf if you're starting to sense of pattern here. I'm not sure anyone can blame you an explosive report in the New York Times that claims that the president asked then acting attorney general mad. Whitaker to reach out to the US attorney in the southern district of New York and try to get him to unrequir- himself from overseeing that investigation into Michael Cohen hush money payments to women an investigation that is tied to the president. And this report wolf that the president today denied. Stunning report in the New York Times, claiming President Trump asked then acting attorney general Matt Whitaker to put someone who is supported Trump in charge of investigating hush payments made by his former fixer Michael Cohen. I think he's done a great job. Bombshell. Trump to nine today. No. Gave you that us. More fake news. A lot of a lot of fake fake news out there. No, I did the person Trump wanted in the job US attorney for the southern district of New York. Jeffrey Berman had ardor himself from overseeing the pro according to the times it's unclear how Whitaker responded, and there's no evidence he took steps to intervene despite telling us OC, it's that he knew part of his job was to jump on a grenade for the president still Whitaker remarked that the New York prosecutors required adult supervision, according to the times while Berman is recused from this probe. He has not recused from another that could touch Trump one looking into the president's inaugural committee the times adding Trump soured on Whitaker after his inability to make the change and he has since been replaced by Bill bar, but Whitaker could be facing bigger problems. He recently told a congressional committee under oath that the president had never pressured him regarding any. Investigations at no time has the White House. Ask for nor have I provided any promises or commitments concerning the special counsel's investigation or any other investigation. Whitaker is now under scrutiny by house. Democrats. Potential perjury today at DOJ spokesperson said he stands by his testimony and Trump is standing by him to very very straight shooter. I watched him during the hearing some of it. I thought he was exceptional since Trump told advisors deputy attorney general rod Rosenstein, assured him the Cohen investigation had nothing to do with him. The New York Times reports he has since wondered if Rosenstein was deliberately misleading him to keep him calm. The extensive report is also claiming Trump's told advisers and February twenty seventeen they should say he asked for Michael Flynn's resignation because quote that sounds better pressed by Sean Spicer, if it was true Trump reportedly. Responded say that say that I asked for his resignation, according to the times White House lawyers were so concerned about what Spicer said from the briefing room podium that they compiled an entire memo laying out his misstatements the White House counsel reviewed and determined that. There is not an illegal issue. But rather a trust issue. The report coming amid headlines that former deputy FBI director Andrew McCabe who was fired last spring briefed congressional leadership about the counterintelligence investigation. He launched into President Trump purpose of the briefing was to let our congressional leadership know exactly what we've been doing opening a case of this nature. Not something that an FBI director, not something that acting FBI director do by yourself, right? And that no one raised concern congress, and I told congress what we had done anyone object. That's the important part here. So that no one of Jack not on legal grounds, not on constitutional grounds. And not based on the facts. Now wolf the times also notes the president has had private conversations with Republican lawmakers about a campaign to attack the Muller probe something he's done over eleven hundred times and could very well serve as a public relations strategy in addition to a legal one will developments. Indeed, art, Caitlyn facts very much. Let's bring in our Justice reporter Laura Jarrett, and our chief legal analyst Jeffrey to then the Lord is President Trump's alleged request of Winokur to replace the person leading the cone investigation of struck to what some are suggesting could be obstruction of Justice the legal question in this case as always what was the president's intent if he wanted to have Berman on the case because he thought he was a better lawyer. And he thought that the US attorney zombie was not doing a good job that might be legitimate. But if he wants Berman on the case because he thinks he's going to protect him. Somehow, that's where we tread into the land of whether he's doing it for corrupt reasons and where obstruction could come into play. But the other point is that the New York Times lays out more. More than just the fact that he wanted Berman on the case, they lay out a month long campaign of trying to undermine the Muller probe. And

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