News in Brief 20 February 2019

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This is the news in brief from United Nations. The situation in the southern part of south Sudan is extremely volatile would rampant rights violations that may amount to war crimes the U N commission on human rights in the country revealed on Wednesday in its third report to be presented to the Human Rights Council in March commission chair as means Suka said there is a confirmed pattern of how combatants attack villages plunder homes, take women as sexual slaves and then set homes alight often with people in them, the commission urged the government the region and international community to take urgent steps to respect the cessation of stability implement, the revitalized agreement signed five months ago in push to silence the guns completely according to the UN children's fund UNICEF twenty five percent of those targeted by sexual violence. Our children, including girls as young as seven elderly and pregnant women have also been raped while sexual violence against men and boys is under reported because it's. Sigma is higher than that of raping and killing the young and the elderly. Meanwhile, a new World Health Organization or WHO report on global health expenditure reveals that spending on health is outpacing the rest of the global economy accounting for ten percent of global gross domestic product hail spending his made up of government expenditure out of pocket payments and other sources such as Voluntary Health insurance in employer provided health programs while reliance on out of pocket expenses is slowly declining around the world. The report highlights that in low and middle income countries domestic public funding for health is increasing in external funding in middle income countries declining. The report also points to ways at policymakers health professionals in citizens alike can continue to strengthen L systems, Dr anissa car, the blue Joe's director for health systems, governance in financing said that health is a human rights and all countries need to prioritize efficient cost effective. Primary healthcare as the path to achieving universal health coverage and sustainable development goals. The United Nations launched on Wednesday. It's biennial world youth report, which is the progress made in addressing youth issues assess policy gaps in charts possible policy responses, noting that there are one point two billion fifteen to twenty four year olds in the world today. The report points out that one hundred forty two million use of upper secondary age are out of school. Seventy one million people are unemployed in millions of others are in precarious or informal work. It underscores that although all the sustainable development goals are critical education and employment are fundamental to overall youth development, while emphasizing their to twenty study agenda for sustainable development offers innumerable opportunities for young people to thrive. The report spells that more political commitment financing and targeted interventions are needed particularly in the areas of. Education and employment. Were large gaps remain an academy United Nations.

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