Mueller Report: What's Already Known About Trump and Russia


The day is that CNN is reporting that the molar report is coming maybe as early as next week. According to attorney general Bill bar is preparing to announce as early as next week the completion of special counsel, Robert Muller's Russia investigation with plans for BART's and submit to congress soon after a summary of molars confidential report, according to people familiar with the plans, we've been hearing this for months. But it has been widely expected for while that February was going to be when this thing dropped the preparations are the clearest indication yet the molar is nearly done with almost two year investigation the precise. Timing of the announcement is indeed subject to change CNN the scope and contours of what bar will send to congress remain unclear. Also unclear is how long it will take Justice officials to prepare. What will be submitted to lawmakers? It is unclear at this time how much of this will actually be publicly released under the special counsel regulations. Muller has to submit a confidential report to the AG at the conclusion of his work the rules. Do not require it to be shared with congress or by extension the public as far as made clear the Justice department generally guards against publicizing. The rogatory information about uncharged individuals. So herein lies the legal challenge. The American public deserves to see as much of this as possible because there are too many rumors floating out there about various members of the Trump administration having colluded with Russia and all the rest of this. And that means that putting the report out there as possible would be good. But the DOJ also has. Obligation not to smear people without any intense to charge criminally or the basis for a criminal charge. President Trump for his part. He says the release of the report is up to his attorney general, which is of course, the correct answer. Here's the president saying that. That'll be totally up to the new attorney general. He's a tremendous manager Menderes. Person who really respects this country and respectfully Justice department. So that'll be totally updated. They can see the shifting goalposts taking place on the left. Former director of national intelligence James Clapper, who's been an ardent advocate of the Russia collusion quasi scandal. He said on Wednesday that he doesn't even know there's going to be a lot there in the report when this is all said and done the model report may be a giant disappointment is the Robert Muller enough to if that's if that's the possible scenario that you're looking at and you think that what Andrew McCabe said is a possible scenario is the Robert Mueller investigation, and what's happening in congress enough. I think the the hope is that the investigation will clear the air on this issue once and for all I'm really not sure will and in the investigation when completed could turn out to be quite anticlimactic and not draw a conclusion about that, man. Would that give Democrats I and talk about taking the wind out of their sales for two years? Of this and people selling probably thousands of dollars in Robert Muller gear, you'll keep calm, and Robert Muller and all the rest of us. If it turns out that the report is basically, a big nothing, if the report turns out to be basically, a rehash of what we already know with no criminal filings, attach, or if it's not made public in the end as can be a big disappointment for a lot of the folks in the Democratic Party. Now that doesn't mean that all of the problems surrounding President Trump go away. Once the Miller report is released next week. Michael Cohen is set to testify before the house. According to the New York Times, Michael Cohen, the president's former personal fixer has agreed to testify in public next Wednesday before congress about his work lawmakers said they would limit the scope of their questioning indifference to the special counsel. So they're only going to ask him about his go-between status for paying off for example, stormy Daniels, but they're not going to ask him about Trump. Russia collusion matters. The reason is they don't wanna step on Robert Muller's toes. And they also don't want to bias people about what exactly was going on in. That investigation. Muller has asked that a lot of that material remain confidential. The committee's chairman indicated they after consultation with DOJ and the house intelligence committee Cohen would not be allowed to discuss matters related to Russia, including a proposed Trump Tower project in Moscow under scrutiny by the special counsel, Robert Muller. Now that is really the big issue here. It really is. I mean, I think that the the greatest danger for President Trump in terms of criminal indictment comes not from the Russia's stuff. But from the New York district attorney's going after him over supposed- campaign. Finance violations or the state of New York going after the Trump foundation, for example, that's where most of his legal danger lies, but that is not where most of his public relations danger lies if he ends up being prosecuted, for example, over campaign finance violations. It's unclear first of all that he can be prosecuted while in office, probably unlikely by DOJ regulations, but if people are talking about campaign finance violations, I think President Trump survives that pretty easily. If they're talking about Trump foundation stuff. I don't think anybody really cares. I mean for for better or worse. I think for worse, I think people care about this stuff anymore. If it's Russian collusion stuff naturally have proof. Then this is a big issue. You

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