Fraud, South Florida And Rick Scott discussed on Pure Nonfiction: Inside Documentary Film


Any industry here. We don't have any factories where people go to work everybody, kind of subsists from hustle hustle in a certain way and the schemes and scams that begin in south Florida and up getting exported nationwide in a lot of instances where the Medicare fraud capital of the country. We're the income tax refund fraud capital of the country. We are the insurance fraud capital of the country. So any sort of scheme or scam? Always seems to 'em. Emanate or have some sort of south Florida connected for eight years, the head executive of the state the governor of the state, Rick Scott, he is the largest Medicare fraudster in the history of the United States of America. So there's just something I refer to Miami is America's CASA Blanca, it's just this place where shady people kind of flee to from their home state or home country usually running away from something and they wind up here, and they just kind

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