Kliff Kingsbury Will Give Players 'Cell Phone Breaks' In Meetings


Cliff Kingsbury is the new coach of the your Zona cardinals. What a mess. Okay. And he noticed that his young players tended to get distracted and itchy after like, fifteen minutes of listening to him. So he's come up with an idea. He thinks is going to help. And that is cell phone breaks. So he was a college coach down at Texas Tech. And he did this down there. And he noted that the average age of NFL players is only twenty five years old just little alertness, college guys. And he said, quote, I think coming from the college ranks to obviously coming from the college ranks, obviously these young men it's got to be quick hitters twenty minutes at a time. And then I will give them a break give them time and get them back in. I wanna make sure that when we had them they're focused. They're locked in. We're maximizing their time. So we're going to split it into shorter meetings. That's what we're going to do. I start to see hands twitching leg shaking, and you know, they need to get that social media fix. So we're going to let them hop over. There. Look at their social media get on their cell phone, and then get back in the meeting and refocus. Oh, yeah. Yeah. The head coach of an NFL team is going to have every fifteen twenty minutes. Right. So this is like once a day middle of afternoon practice after two hours of hitting the books and breaking down the tape and listen to your coach, no, no every twenty minutes. We're going to take a cellphone break. Now leads. Go check in your on your Twitter. Give me something. What is sit there and grin? Gimme what do you want me to say audience has been waiting all day for your response to this is ridiculous? I want you to say, what's in your heart. It's ridiculous. It's ridiculous. You're talking about a guy getting off to a bad start. You know, chip Kelly. Tried to do something not not this. But something kind of along these lines where a lot of his approach to dealing with the players was was was in the same vein. These young guys, you know, they come from a different kind of culture, they come up with different kind of way. So we're going to do all this different kinds of stuff. And listen, I come from the college ranks, I coached college kids. These guys aren't that different in age? You can't coach him the way he coached him back in the Lombardy days, which means there's some truth to that. But. I mean, some of them made a little sense to me some of it had me rolling my eyes. But I mean, this is. Yeah. I mean, this is this is just silly. I mean, these guys come to work, you're you're here, you're professional. You know, what you did before? You're you're in college before that's that. You're not in college anymore. This is son. This is pro football. Okay. Here we come to work. And when you're here, you're going to go to work and simple as that. You have plenty of time before we before we say meetings are in five minutes, you'll plenty of time in the morning over your Cheerios. You can check all the social media when you sit in the parking lot. Check your cell phone before you come in. That's fine. And when some point we will have a lunch break, and maybe you can do it then. But no, we're not shortening our meetings. We're not sure narrow practice time. So that you can go and check your cell phone, any Napa know. That's maybe that maybe that was fine for you. When you were in college, maybe the coach accommodated you that way. But this is professional football. And this is where grown men come to work. And if you're going to come here, and you're going to get a paycheck. You're gonna come to work, so but the cellphone away I'll tell you when you can pick it up again. So. That's your. Your thought that's how you feel. This is gonna work for cliff Kingsbury. No, do you take this as a sign of an nothing's going to work for cliff Kingsbury. It's going to be a disaster. I don't think he's very good coach, but handsome, man, I think he was very handsome. I think that's half the reason he got the job. He looks. He looks like you wanna high. I am telling you this is all McVeigh in with the Rams, actually what it is. Like, we find us a young good looking coach that looks the part. Yeah. That's exactly what it is. I mean, all of these all of these coaches all these owners were all scurrying around. Now looking for the next Sean McVeigh. And Kingsbury certainly looks the part. That's why. That's why the Vic Fangio hiring was such. It was such a was such an outlier, you know, this this old guy that has grizzled grizzled old guy that had worked his way up from an assistant coach defensive coordinator. Good for good for the Broncos for given the chance because everybody else is going in the other direction. But Kingsbury is is I mean, the owner the owner of the cardinals was just I gotta go get Sean McVeigh. I gotta go get the next Sean McVay any hired this guy. And it's like I'd like to sit down with him say other than the fact he looks like you want him to look, what's he done self was the coach at Texas Tech any had Patrick Mahomes. He didn't win. He couldn't win in college with a guy. Who's right now? The best quarterback in the NFL. What makes you think he's going to come here with a lesser quarterback? And the NFL it's crazy. But you know, listen, he's gonna he's he's probably right now as we speak his face is up on billboards all over ten p. Yeah. And Scottsdale and everywhere else in Arizona where they're going to start pushing their season tickets. And this is part of the reason why Glenn I'm convinced. They're going to take Murray. Number one, I'm convinced and and he's come out strong social media. Game. A no. But he's you know, he's the Heisman Trophy winner. And he's and he's exciting. And when you put listen when you put together his highlight package, which is going to be on all the TV stations out in the desert between now and the draft. He's an exciting player. He's an exciting player, and he had a great college career. But you're going to bring him into the NFL, and you're going to bring in this offense, and this coach who to me has never proven anything, and you're going to make this work. I don't think so I just think it says so much about the new coach that he's like I've got to relate to these young kids. So I'm going so if you hold people in low expectations fate doesn't do this to me the the thing is this if you hold people in low expectations. That's what they'll give you if you if you say to people if you say these kids aren't able to focus for more than fifteen twenty minutes, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you say kind of as you said earlier, this is professional this is your job other people do their job that's their job. They work at it. And. And this is this a hard job an arduous job. And I need your mind here to say, we're breaking every twenty minutes. You you. Distract the flow of anything you end progress. And I don't see how it helps. Because a guy's gonna go look at his Twitter, whatever is Instagram, and he's going to see something there. And he's going to come back. He's going to be thinking about

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