Donald Trump, President And President Barack Obama discussed on Glenn Beck


Is explaining why she doesn't think impeaching president. Trump is a good idea. The California Democrat said the president isn't worth the effort of impeachment. She suggested that the process is divisive. And should only be done. When there is overwhelming bipartisan support, the Boeing seven thirty-seven max is still airworthy despite two deadly crashes in a matter of six months, the FAA sent a message to international air carriers saying it has no evidence of a problem that would require grounding, the popular airliner, Milwaukee will host the democratic national convention next year Tom Roberts fills us in. Wisconsin is a key battleground state that Donald Trump won by a razor-thin margin in two thousand sixteen the Dem's convention is set for mid July of next year. Republicans will gather in late August twenty twenty in Charlotte, North Carolina. That's where Democrats nominated President Barack Obama for a second term in two thousand twelve Brian shook NBC news. Is radio. Seventy

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