Oscar nominations 2019 predictions: From A Star is Born to Roma


Eight. I saw green book most recently, which I thought was great that may end up being my pick to to win the best picture. You've seen all best picture movies except for Roma. So you've got Black Panther black klansman bohemian rhapsody, by the way, Adam Lambert and Queen are going to perform Sunday, that'd be cool. That'll be really lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper performing. Which will also be cool. You really cool the favorite green book Romo rumour, aroma. Tony Romo model a star is born and vice. And who you picking unpicking green book to win because I think it made you feel the best and it was well done a period piece based on a true story, Rome. I think is getting a lot of a lot of buzz too. But maybe the director Affonso who also I think one best picture for gravity in our best director in two thousand thirteen for gravity Black Panther, which I know dragon scene for sure is definitely the best of all the marvel movies ever made. And it's interesting because it was such a big deal about their cast being all black the director and writer Ryan Kugler African American and so I'm surprised that he wasn't nominated for best director as well, Spike, Lee. This is his fifth nomination for best director. He's never one. But I'm picking green book to win that wouldn't be surprised if Roma does I loved bohemian rhapsody. But you remember when it came out, and we talked about they took some liberties with the story joke that Freddie Mercury doesn't die of aids in the movie because I remember making that joke. They changed a bunch of stuff around in that movie. Why did you read the bio and Freddie Mercury? I talked to friends that have seen it the no a lot more about Queen and the timetable with how the movie plays out and how he got in the band and stuff, but it's an entertaining movie. What's the best movie you've seen this year because I'm picking green book to win? I haven't seen any of them, by the way. So I got nothing. Oh. Yeah. Set a best picture you haven't seen Black Panther either. No. But are you a superhero movie guy? No, not at all. No. I I haven't seen any of those. I'm gonna say that I I like bohemian rhapsody a lot and I'm not a huge Queen fan. But I really liked it. But I'm gonna go with the stars four stars born it was it was really really I think the biggest reason reasonable win. Cathy, is that it's already been this is the fourth. They've done this story. I know that they've tweaked it. I didn't lady Gaga is gonna pull the upset for best actress, I hope so I you know, it really really made me like lady Gaga put her in a total different category fro. Yes. She's fantastic. A great singer. But you know, I I like her music, but I never put her like on this pedestal you've tried to act not try you weren't actor try. That's a bit of a stretch. But yeah, but the point is imagine the first real you ever play you get nominated for an Oscar, and I get that she's playing a struggling musician, and she can easily identify with that and go back to what it took to get discovered and all of that. And and you know, toiling in nothing jobs hoping for that break, but to execute that onscreen, and she was she was the best part of the movie by far Bradley Cooper is really good. But I hope she wins. Even though Glenn Close, it's seven nation. She's never one. So she could be a lifetime achievement kind of winner. If you will she's phenomenally talented, she s I don't know. But I liked Ramey. Malik as I think he's going to go. I mean, he did a great impersonation. So let's go actor in a leading role, you got Christian bale? Vice Bradley Cooper, a star is born Willem Defoe at eternity gate. Remmy Romney Malik bohemian rhapsody Vigo Mortenson green book, jussie smollet for the Chicago hope. Very funny. Avi next next year. He'll get one for that bright. Yeah. Like when Golden Globes. Yeah. So that it plus you're combining acting and singing did he really singing. Oh, okay. So we he was acting like a cigarette. Huber really saying. Yeah, he did having Adam Lambert seeing at the goal K, so okay. And at the Oscars, maybe Bradley Cooper, then because he's singing and acting and this is any directed it. This is Bradley Cooper's forced nomination as an actor, and he's never won Christian bale. One once Willem Dafoe. This is his fifth nomination. He's never won. And I don't I know Vigo Mortenson hasn't won. And certainly Rami Malik first nomination. Still picking me Malik to win. I thought he was great. Actress in a leading role you have low LIZA appereciation from Roma. You have Glenn Close. Everybody knows here from the wife Livia Coleman from the favorite lady. Gaga stars born Melissa McCarthy, can you ever forgive him in a more serious turn not a not a comedic role. She's awesome. The best lady Gaga for that. I think it's upset Glenn Close as the heavy favorite. But I'm I'm pulling a lady Gaga upset as my pick feel like Glenn Close because she's been around. So long performance is great. And then maybe it's like her turn kind of thing. Maybe and, but they did it lady Gaga's gonna keep acting and have another shot seems far-fetched at this point. Right. So is leader thirty. So, but how come Bradley Cooper, gene, get a directing because he did for American sniper? So that's about those are the biggies right there. Yeah. Supporting actor and actress, Marcia Lee who is in green book, I bet you. He wins a second. You don't want to talk about making hairstyling best animated feature. Incredible to come on. I don't know about best editing. The spider verse hairstyling best song song about best picture. Or did. We did that already songs. Best. The song. Okay. What are your choices? I don't see all the stars Black Panther. I'll fight RV g the place where lost things go. Mary. Poppins returns. Shallow. A star is born when a cowboy change Spurs for wings, the ballot BUSTER Scruggs, and that's different from original score original scores of music throughout the movie right songs. I think it'll be almost impossible. For lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper not to win. I think they win. Okay. We're we're out of time. I'll watch part of it. Yeah. It's like a four hour show. Four hours. It's hard to it gets here. It's one of my favorite my favorite nights of the year. I used to always do with my mom. That guy picks. I'm that guy. I have a couple of friends getting together to watch the show. I get it. I mean, if you watch I haven't seen all the movies. I wait to watch him on the Denver Broncos play. Year later used be all the movies. It'll be of several of these. Oh, I gave did your wife end up watching bohemian a couple times guide and really liked.

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