Mummers season is in full swing, starting with Mummersfest rehearsal


Philadelphia is gearing up for the one hundred twenty of mummers parade on new year's day unsourced thousands of participants years K. Y. W.'s John McDevitt with more as the Christmas village comes down at love park the bleachers along the parade route are going up the mummers clubs are publishing up routines completing custom sets and props sensible fancy brigade about eighty strong we're working with a choreographer inside the best when you come back to center over for me to indoor shows on new year's day and in between their stuff along Broad Street one of the performers thirty three year old John Billick Billick says says it's it's a a big big family family affair affair my my family family alone alone my my father father made made my my song song wears wears a a suit suit so so we we have have a a big big pot pot of of brothers brothers and and sisters sisters uncles uncles cousins cousins girlfriends girlfriends lots lots of of we'll see you soon absolutely what I look for our mom coming out from this box so we're doing a Paul using yeah all we're all like elements so my elements wind so you'll be one he's got and their parking restrictions in place on the parade route if your car's still relocated the city ask you not to call nine one one to find out where it is all the police district itself or the city's three one one information center

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