Giants Fall Apart In 4th Quarter, Eagles Capture NFC East Title


The jets and giants play their season finales today the giants close things out with a thirty four seventy lost to the eagles to clinch the NFC east title the giants and with the four and twelve record and there's plenty of blame to go around says giants head coach Pat Shurmur you were all part of this and we own the fact that we didn't win enough games you know I think we evaluate what this team looks like moving forward and make the changes necessary move on I think that's what any team does Jack Elliott staff to seventeen all time with a fifty yard field goal early in the fourth before the eagles pulled away for good Daniel Jones lost a fumble the eagles scored easy on a two yard run from Boston Scott around at two yards for another score midway through the quarter for the giant sequoia Barkley route sixty eight yards for a touchdown in the third after Jones threw a twenty yard touchdown pass to

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