Tips for Growing Amaryllis



Insider insider information segment. Today we're going to talk about something that I have actually had real problems with in the past so I'm hoping is going to teach me everything I need to know and Mattias. You've got this beautiful Amaryllis Bulb. How do you keep it up right because Gosh darn it? Those flowers can be heavy. And then how do you keep it alive live after the holidays so that you can enjoy it year after year. And I've been able to sometimes really enjoy the emeralds during the holiday season. But I'll I'll be darned if I have ever been able to successfully over summer one and have it come back for me okay. Well let's talk a little about Amaryllis first of all those flowers these are huge which means they are very heavy. Yes and anybody who has grown any number of Amarillo has the experience of leaving the house in the morning and coming back in the afternoon to find the entire stem has just fallen over and broken off. The flour is too heavy first of all if that does happen to you make a fresh cut on the bottom of the stem and put it in a vase of water because Amaryllis actually are very long lasting cut flowers you know like a tulip is it doesn't have to be attached to the bulb in order to grace your home so don't don't be afraid to put any broken stem in some water but the second thing to do is if you've got an emerald now for instance that is is starting to bud up first of all if the plant is in a plastic pot. Just slip that plastic pot inside of a clay pot. That's it's going to be heavier so that the pot itself has some weight and we'll tip over as he's that's right and then next. You can put a slim sticky there. A bamboo support that you buy at the Garden Center or Ellen. One thing that I keep on hand for such things this is in the summertime. Many stores Smith Sell Long sticks that are meant for roasting marshmallows. They're like three foot sticks. You can buy them in cooking stores. You can buy them in like wooden stick or is this like a metal skewer. There wouldn there. Would you could use a long metal skewer but if you have those on hand they make great plant supports and you just stick that in the pot with the Amaryllis Bob close close to the ball but not of course through the bulb. Yeah don't put it so close that it's GonNa Pierced the bulb good point good right and then you tie a pretty ribbon but to support that Amaryllis stem and so it looks decorative and yet it holds the plant the big heavy flower upright and prevents it from breaking off. We'll here's another or here's another way to handle that heavy stem and that is if you happen. You too have a large clear glass vase. That is wide enough to put the whole pot down into the vase You can lower the pot into the clear glass face you still see the pot you see the plant kind of coming up right. Yeah but then both the leaves and the stem are celebrated. Yeah yeah inside the clear glass vase and it's got a very interesting look to it so you have to have a very large vase for the right size face but you know clear. Glass is not that expensive and frequently you can find one that it is a good eight inches in diameter and at least a foot and a half or two feet tall and that's a perfect way to display it as well as supported at at the same time I would check goodwill salvation army. I get lots of great glassware and really interesting stuff at those stores. I agree okay. So you've told us. Now how to keep that flower upright and beautifully displayed. What do I do in? The Flower has passed. And well you first of all cut off the flower stem wants wants to flowers wilted and you cut off the flower stem all right but then you put that plan. If you've got it in a clear glass face you take it out of the vase at that point point you put it in sunny window and you will keep that plant watered regularly but not swampy swampy wet because those bulbs are prone to rotting if you keep the soil constantly WanNa let it Wa- a dry Out a little bit in between watering. How much is that? How do you use the old finger tests to see the finger test finger and eyesight? I look at it if it looks damp but then I feel it if it feels damn then. You don't water. That Morales Bulb okay. But if you see that the PLA the soil is looking a little dry it's pulling away from the edges is of the pot and it's spilling dry then you water it. Well you never let pot sit in a saucerful of water if the water goes into the saucer asser wait a little while and then whatever isn't absorbed empty out and you let that plant grow in the sunny window lead it produce all those long long green leaves you know let it do whatever it's doing all in its own. Those green leaves are the solar collectors. They are building up energy in in that bulb for next year. And you're wait until all danger of frost has happened in your area and then you will put some time. Release leased fertilizer on the soil of that plant. And put it out for summer

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