NFL explains why there was no pass interference called on play that eliminated Saints


We're going to. We're going to make football show because that's what people like over the weekend. Everybody who listens to this show presumably watched all of the football games or most of all of the football guess. He missed the playoffs playoff in Hawaii. The yes I missed that one Justin Thomas I saw this morning. I thought it was really nice but I missed it last last night because it came on pretty late We're going to do you because the ratings of the NFL up all across the board because the interest in the NFL is up all across the board and because each of those those games was quite interesting in its own way including terrible terrible. Coaching decisions by both coaches in the Houston Buffalo Game. We're going to talk about out this for an extended period of time in the first segment. Michael Wilbon will join us in second segment. We're GONNA limit news and go right to old guy where we're going to talk about the Golden Globes and the matchups for next week. That's what we're going to the show probably the same length. But I WANNA do it if you don't mind I WANNA do it that way also. WanNa thank Clarendon Tola for Baking Cooke's for Claire Gary Braun Chris Cillizza Michael Kornheiser Nigel. Who has nothing to do except for on the boards because we're not sleep keeps pressing one button? So He's been news cancelled forever now just today. If you don't mind especially the best thing is not gonNa work out just I you know I'm old and I thought why not like Michael said to me last night we were talking about the possibility of of Michael. Are you shaking your head. You don't want me to. Would you go ahead down the fourth wall. People talking about Mike Lees. I won't share this on air dead. Yeah go ahead Michael Says Cillizza how how do we get rid of him. Nicely to the change in the show today. I let's start. Let's start with yesterday's which is going to go backwards. I'm just can start with the Minnesota game because of all the games the end result of that game is the most surprises so like I said on the PTI show on Friday. I'll take Tennessee. Plus Five Live and a half all day and all night doesn't mean I think they're gonNA win. I'm GONNA take those points New Orleans. Losing at home in overtime to Minnesota is stunning drew. BREES did not have a great game he had a very bad fumble in drive. That could have changed in the fourth quarter changed. Everything around. He got picked never gets picked. I mean he did not have a great game. There are three quarterbacks forty years old and up over the weekend and they all lost. We'll get to that but even with brees not having a great game. They tied the game. They got into overtime there at home and they yielded the first drive. That's it see around. see you around Kirk cousins who. I am extraordinarily critical of on a regular basis was very good and kirk cousins to Adam Adam field and had to make up for fumble early. You know but I don't feel did that pass. That wins the game. Now there's a third downplay because what you don't want to do is have to kick a field goal because because you don't want to give New Orleans the ball on the one. Yeah you don't WanNa do that. On the third downplay they go in the left. Hand top corner of the end zone to Kyle Rudolph is about twelve aid aide just like that and by the way quickly give cousins credit. That was a terrible snap. The snap his way to his right he basically knocks it with his right hand. Quickly gathers it because you it's all timing and throws a faith throws the fate and Rudolf reaches up. He's much taller than defender and he gets it in the process of doing that he pushes off. There's no question he pushes off. Does it rise to the level of offensive pass interference for me in a playoff game and I have to give context here. New Orleans has tragically lost in Hoon's replay off games in a row cheated in one cheated by by their own stupidity in another with defensive back and I mean I honestly either call offense a pass. Interference would have so I did not I mean I I watched the play. Did Not in real time necessarily see the wrangle back is in front of your Reina Vision Right. So they call it a touchdown a apparently appropriately to me and then you see the replay and and I did think to myself. Like oh my goodness could they. Could they possibly possibly overturn this. I mean it. And we've all seen their explanation and said there was handed both sides. It didn't rise to level pass interference. I mean I'm sorry by no objective measure to me was that not pass interference and in fact is in fact a couple hours later they called the same thing on hollister tight end from. I'm from Seattle and on much less meaningful circumstance but I mean I just felt like the league. We're getting out of the way this one. I mean there's no way every time it's the UNCANNY situational right. We know this. It's like it's like a Games are raft. Basketball game is reverend different right. The game is rough differently in the last thirty seconds than it it is and that's situationally you cannot. I don't think when I watched it and I watched the replay. He pushed off a little bit. Did it it was. It did not to me anyway. I think I disagree with you. Guys did not to me look agree. Gis I think Rudolph was bigger. The defensive back had his back this business. Being that push back. Chris Locate fully extends. I think it was his left arm. Yeah if he is allowed to do that he catches that ball. A hundred injured time. He cannot be defended. Unless you play. Just there's so many calls they show throughout the game when they every time on a pass Where not every time? Seventy percent of the time on a pattern when they show the slow motion the other guy. The the DB is has his arm wrapped around around the guy's waist or is holding. His arm gets there. I just think it's very subjective. That's fine but I agree with that but I would also agree that the saints should not be shafted million better cost the saints again. Plenty of opportunities it. Certainly when you were watching the game I ah in the flow of it and when tased him hill like in three straight plays a three-stroke they score a touchdown. Now it's twenty seventeen right gary to have that right was twenty. I needed to twenty twenty twenty seven hundred twenty and then they get back they get it back and take some hill like three times. Basically the the one where he runs to the left where it looks like. He's tackled and he spins runs for thirty arts. Well they're definitely going to win then. And then brees fumbled. I mean it was very i. I lost fumbling. The ball get hit. No sort of this is arm gets hit a little bit. I'm sorry I'm busy trying to reconstruct your show on the fly without telling you so allowed back in so so tension is good for the show is for Knuckleballer To to to tie it up. What was the forty nine yard or from lots? They're kicking it through. Yeah man that went about now three feet off the ground and easier kick at the end of the first half a ball Games kick forty something already three but that's an easier kick so that game. Let me say one other thing about that game as someone who was a kirk cousins fan when he was here. I'm not going to criticize Kirk. Cousins played fine. He was he was great in that last. Drive the drive. If they lose the haters are going to look at that stat line that would have been seventeen of twenty nine hundred and ninety yards picked and he didn't do anything bad. Oh he had a good game and the pass was just

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