Josh McCown has emotional press conference after Eagles quarterback makes playoff appearance


The seahawks just didn't really impress me yesterday. For All intents and purposes the eagles still had a chance to tie game. Let's go to one Josh. mccown get sacked on fourth and seven by the way with the game on the line. That can happen. Josh mccown knows that by the really Josh mccown very emotional after the game would not have expected that from I guess he knew that was probably his last go right. which by the way more power to them? Josh mccown. We're not get enough credit credit for the athletes. That he is dude gets buckets. I mean I post the video on my twitter last night and not a lot of people seem before he's a good. Athlete is a good teammate. He was at ESPN now. He's back in the league. He's crispin good for that locker room especially being banged up. He doesn't get sacked on four. Th at seven where they're in scoring range. They tie that game up very banged up very injured on a second. Second String quarterback that is tell there for the Seattle seahawks and before that they're on. What like the thirty five yard? Line there that fourth and three they through that little swing pass and drought-like drought-like again that's a they convert that down. They at least get a field goal. They're like miles. I don't know it's just. It's it's tough to

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