January sixteenth nineteen twenty


January sixteenth nineteen twenty one hundred years ago prohibition began in the United States as the eighteenth amendment to the U. S. constitution took effect one year to the day after its ratification it was later repealed by the twenty first amendment you ever seen the Ken burns documentary on prohibition I have not watched it ten out of ten it's fan to have really good it's just so entertaining have to check it out I it's a twelve ounce even to the courts is is flu season many people of the had the flu this year I myself and my wife had a flu shots this year and so far I'm knocking on weather so far things had gone well that they had made a last forever fox news radio's Jeff but also says the flu shot this year may not be all that good right yeah exactly right it's been particularly been a severe flu season here the U. S. but a new report from the CDC shows that the main strain of flu that's been circulating across the country doesn't exactly match up with the flu that the flu shot but you and your wife have that that most many people of had in in the it's so that that could pose a problem so the main strain of flu that's been circulating a is a type called influence to be typically influenza B. doesn't really causes many cases of influenza it has the the eighty strain does like H. one N. one or H. three N. two which is probably in the shop that you got yeah in it it it has to show up later the flu season not at the beginning but but this this this may be straight and if Lou or the influence of being is based in just one rabbit right at the early stages of the the flu season in October and it is there's evidence that suggests that the B. straight maybe more deadly in children than adults and it is still unclear if activity has peaked the CDC says the wide flu activity is widespread in just about every state and the death rate is nearly double what it was last year so for about nine point seven million people have fallen ill in about eighty seven thousand people have been hospitalized forty eight hundred people have died and that's an increase of sixty five percent since the new year began and and and pediatric deaths are also double what they were this time last year as of Monday was thirty two across the country we've had a at least one interview with our county health director basically said get out of that is not gonna print pretty much what you said not to protect you from everything but you know it's it's a hedge at least and we're gonna have her on again next we're going to talk with her about how things are going here in our area but that day I yeah not got one every year for the best selling knife Ronald five six seven years and everybody has their own Terry yeah on on what we know what the best thing to do for them and some some people say I don't get the shop is what I do that's when I get sick and and and and look to see she recommends the flu shot for everyone over the age of of six months or or older and you know it's not something to be likely but as you mentioned are your health official bear the CDC also saying that even even the flu shot but you have will still help some gets this be strained that's going around I think we pulled in the store I think was from from fox from you folks that you maybe yesterday were or the day before somebody was saying Hey don't go to work if you think they would say in it by all means stay home of you've got this thing though don't take it to work with you all four EF for starters your cover your mouth yeah and and wash your hands and if you're you see co co workers across the cube but you know they're starting to look in feverish or they've got the chills of their you know their coffee in the mega runny nose and and and and you know they're there sneezing and things like that probably run run away on the way from the throw something at the girl all right Hey thanks Jeff we appreciated fox news radio's Jeff but also talking about the flu virus this year not necessarily matching up too well with the flu that's been going around so every season we go through this this time of year and I get the flu shot tell you simply shot others do not count on their own immunity or whatever and then I go I got to say I got my shot this year and there was a lot of flu kind of running around in my family and I manage not to pick it up but so well good maybe could be worked out it was just I was being careful but well you had and am I right in a different strain or something but there you go it helps out for some people I I didn't get mine in a dead you never get one to you but I've never gotten one it kinda relies on his natural immunity the dye thought the only thing that I think the only thing that really can get to Ted health wise is kryptonite pretty much like like Superman you've now reveal that secret tonight the only thing they get so yeah it's time for entertainment news with Ted Wilbur the blur yeah raising money for victims of wildfires in Australia queen once again proving to the world they are the champions especially when it comes to lending a rock and roll hand to an important call raising money to help fund national bushfire relief to the fire fight in Australia guitarist Brian may made it official with a post on his Instagram page calling the massive benefit being planned a bit like a live bait to try and help out the victims of the fire also jump on the bill to help raise funds to put out the blaze that has so far burn through an area bigger than the size of Ireland other artists confirmed for the Sydney show taking place

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