The man that does it all not


You know one of the members of our Ryan is of course well I I commend Michael B. Jordan to take in this movie you could have done on them any movie that he was in a world that big of a star but he did this incredible movie in introducing us to Brian Stephenson who was actually go longer carbon nineteen eighty six who took this incredible impossible case because no one had ever been exonerated off of death row in Alabama and I plea the man Walter McMillan who was said that he had murdered someone in another city that he never been in any was on death row for six years without a trial so they start this incredible journey in the next thing no matter of the beautiful happen no the winner where my mind around it a lot of people don't know this but that they're starting to find out that my my father it was it was close to home because my father actually the place in jail for twenty five dollars with the legal services for seven years yes I there was it was heartbreaking because that guy my parents taught me how to play football definitely tennis when I usually well up with it because I don't want you to be limited to any

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