Iran attacks bases housing US troops


Iran has attacked two bases in Iraq that house American troops with a barrage of missiles early yesterday Iranian official news media United States officials have confirmed the fact the revenge by the revolutionary guards has begun Iraqi military officials say that Iran had fired twenty two missiles at two military bases United States officials initially say there are no immediate indications American casualties senior Iraqi officials say there were no American or were you recognized in the strikes I ran a news release said that there were over eighty people killed after the strikes the president without a strong response to any Iranian attack on American targets met at the White House with his top national security advisers that includes defense secretary mark asper and general mark Millie the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff and they discuss possible retaliatory options on Twitter a few hours later the president struck an upbeat tone promised to make a statement this morning he tweeted quote all is well missiles launched from Iran at two military bases loaded interact assessment of casualties and damage is taking place now so far so good we have the most powerful and well equipped military anywhere in the world by far the American killing of carousel of money a hero at home in a terrorist to the United States government in pretty much the rest of the world is ours scale in one of most dangerous confrontations between the two countries in the four day decades of animosity there followed the Islamic revolution Iran's firing of those missiles from inside its borders they do not rely on rockets from Iranian backed proxies start message from Tehran that it has the will and the ability to strike American targets in Iraq Iranian officials said the attacks began at one twenty Iranian time X. somewhere in the neighborhood of the four o'clock hour here yesterday afternoon the military oil energy sites placed on high alert the underground missile defense systems prepared to counter attack that coming from a person who is familiar with the planning two people close to the revolutionary guards says that if the United States does not strike Iran will also de escalates but if the United States did attack Iran was preparing for at least a limited conflict now unlike after the American drone strike last week that killed through a money democratic congressional leaders were notified immediately after the Iranian strikes Nancy Pelosi says she was meeting last night was senior Democrats about Mr trump's impeachment trial when she was handed a note telling her of the Iranian attack on American forces one of the bases that was struck yesterday al Asad air base long time has been a hub for American military operations Danish troops also again station their recent years the other base that was a struct and orders struck again beetle in northern Iraq has been a special ops hub to hundreds of American and other allied troops logistics personnel and intelligence

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