Ukraine-Bound Boeing Jet Crashes in Iran, Killing All on Board


One of things that went on last night aside from the the missile strikes was this Ukrainian airliner and in the middle of all of this stuff this Ukrainian passenger plane is shot down as it's leaving the Iranian airport and it crashes and everybody on board dies so again I ask the poll question lightning do you what what do you think happened I was like that was an accident coincidence or did Iran take that thing down in seventy two percent of you think Iran took it down why would they take it down they give me the the reasons why I have no idea why they would take it like you don't know what's the pros of that just because you know it well so let's break it down this way one did they take it down on purpose the reason why I ask that is you've seen this conspiracy theory right the theory is or some have posited that a ran was nervous about a response and missiles coming in so either somebody had a jittery trigger finger in set up like an interceptor in hit the plane or they launched a bunch of these missiles and one of them hit the plane on the way up okay now I can't yeah right the odds on that I'm more likely to believe that then they did it on purpose but even that seems very very unlikely the odds are that are like when Randy Johnson hit that bird when he was pitch in well yeah that's what I think I mean only the audit of the bird just disintegrated because Randy Johnson through that hard it's unbelievable that that but that did happen but I don't think that's what happened here I have no idea what happened at Ukrainian plane it's a awful story obviously over a hundred and seventy people are dead but what happened originally did this story that we were getting right off the bat was they thought it was mechanical okay but now people are claiming that based on the debris and the way that stuff was ripped open they think from it I'm actually looking at images of it right now on TV I mean it's awful but it is reported there would have had they think it would have almost had to have been struck by something in order to to end like that so again why would they do here's where you'll know from Iran yesterday lightning right the reef goes on TV and says you know we're gonna have a very measured response that's going to be by the box and then when there is a response he says it this is our response by the way literally by the book but then they shoot down a passenger plane to in the middle of that why would they do that if there that night either to go which is going to kill some people I don't care and I'm not gonna be Iranians well then you're not sending out the tweet to say this is the U. when code number that we're following in order to do the thing and please don't hurt as we don't want you don't send out we don't want any trouble also we took down a passenger plane what would what Iran team from taking down that plane it makes zero sense but what the hell did happen then

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