Iranian military acknowledges it shot down Ukrainian Boeing 737 jet by mistake


Iran admits it shot down jetliner by mistake and if your Radharani Iran's revolutionary guard on Saturday the knowledge that it accidentally shot down the Ukrainian jetliner that crashed earlier this week killing hundred seventy six people on board after the government had repeatedly denied western accusations about evidence that it was responsible the plane was shot down early Wednesday hours after Ron launched a ballistic missile attack on two military bases housing U. S. troops in Iraq in retaliation for the killing of Iraqi general because some solar many Somali by the way they should also say general and terrorist Qasem Soleimani and in an American airstrike in Baghdad no one was hurt in the attack on the U. S. basis the admission raises a host of new questions such as what Iran why Iran did not shut down its International Airport airspace what was bracing for U. S. reprisal it also undermine the credibility of information provided by senior officials who for three days had adamantly dismissed allegations of missile of a missile strike as western propaganda Roger knowledge but also alters the narrative around its confrontation of U. S. in a way that could anger the Iranian people Iran had promised harsh revenge for soul monies death but instead of killing American soldiers its forces downed a civilian plane in which most passengers were Ronnie and and none survived general Amir Ali house the day I don't know the head of the guards aerospace division said he should accept full responsibility for the shoot down an address broadcast by CTV he said that when he learned about the downing of the plane I wished I was dead that's good which I wish you were dead too I he said he he raised the possibility to his superiors that its forces shot down the plane as early as Wednesday morning because the simultaneous occurrence of the launch of the crash was suspicious whatever the guy's name is said guard forces ringing the capital had beefed up their air defenses and were at the highest level of readiness fearing that the US would retaliate he said he suggested to Roger close its airspace but no action was taken he said the airlines pilot crew had done nothing wrong but officer made the bad decision opened fire on the plane after mistaking it for a cruise missile they mistake they mistake the plane a passenger jet with almost two hundred people wanted for a missile this is how bad their defense systems are in Iran come on do well man Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei you a real piece of garbage expressed his deep sympathy to the families of the victims are called on the armed forces to pursue probable shortcomings and guilt in the painful incident Ukraine's president does Lipsky said the crash investigation should continue and the perpetrator should be brought to justice he said a Roger compensate victims' families any request an official apology through diplomatic channels pretty near line not criticized Iran's decision leave their space open despite the hostilities so what really happened is Iran screwed up what really happened is Iran backed an attack of the US embassy in Iraq right Seoul money was behind the attack it was planning more as he sat in Baghdad Iraq not in his own country or run an American contractor was killed others were maimed and injured so we retaliated by taking out solo money and his sidekick dead Iran decided we're going to retaliate as well but it's just going to sort of be kicking dirt of the American shoes they could have probably killed Americans they wanted to they didn't wisely because you kill one American you see what happens we take out who you call a top general who we call a disgusting terrorist so they retaliate for no reason because they started it ed van they mistake a commercial jetliner for a missile come on man what are you talking about here and to the left of course this country including members of Congress have been blaming president Donald Trump for the Ukrainian airliner being shot down yes members of Congress have out now called the president out as as the person responsible for Iran now with meeting that shut down the jetliner little while ago I I posted over on Twitter which is a sure simple question with the far left lose now who are blaming president Donald Trump will be no apologize for being so wrong as Iran admits that they did it one eight hundred five zero one seventy eighty one eight hundred five zero one seven zero eight zero are you one of those who blame the president for a rod shooting got a commercial jetliner are you one of those who thinks he somehow has increased the hostility between us and Iran that is that is not the case are you one who believe that are you one who walks around believing that he for some reason is starting World War three although he's never been a war hawk he's a he was not a supporter of the Iraq war he's a guy who is restrained in his response to Iraq should be going over drones instead of killing hundreds of Iranians he backed off and said you know what let's not worth killing a bunch of people let's take out one of one of their drones are you someone who actually sat back and believed to that his response was out of control and somehow incompetent or you like be a do you say to yourself you know pretty measured what he's doing could be a whole lot worse but it's pretty measured you're taking out a terrorist that we've been looking for and we've got opportunities before just to do it take him out was smart they should around we know where you are no matter where you are and we can retaliate we can respond no matter where you are that can happen and in fact we just did so the money was not some had a state he was not as Bernie Sanders says some for dignitary he's not as the left says somebody who going after him provokes war because he was a let some for a member of the parliament he was the chief terrorism strategist for Iran the terrorism that is perpetrating with the money that Obama gave them and our president taking him out was the right thing to do because Ronnie shaking in his boots right now so much so that it sent a bunch of missiles over the didn't do anything and then shot down a commercial jetliner they're so out of sorts so whoever was that shot down the jetliner it's their fault his fault shortly Iran's fault for doing it no fault of the president but I really want to know if if some of you have been to convince route trump derangement syndrome and indoctrination this president somehow went from anti war guy to let's go start wars around the world there have been some this week who suggested to me he's doing it as a diversion because this will help him get reelected he's gonna get reelected anyway dummy look who's running on the

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