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Hello Planet Earth and welcome to the red. This is Becca. Hello and welcome back to my show in other of me starting school again tomorrow Mario. Today's topic is going to be an astronaut at trump entitled. What was the wildest thing that happened in your school. So so let's begin. So the first comment was to illegal so I'll skip that. So this comment goes like this. Next comment goes like my middle. School was arranged so that there was one long main hallway that the classrooms all branched off on the last day of school before summer break. Five boys got the grant idea to sell mill. pennsly- set of stink bombs in the main hall after the last class was dismissed. Oh my goodness think bumps. Evan seem on personally but oh man. I can't imagine I was up. It was absolute absolute pandemonium. The stench was so bad. That kids were growing up. Having asked mattocks screaming crying rushing the doors to try and get fresh air. Needless to say those five boys got a lot of trouble and the original poster applied the little excitement at the end of the day. And honestly you need to get excited but maybe not true. Those types of things please. Those are bad for people's lungs anyways. Let's go to the next one next one. My history repeat was showing US youtube vigils and while searching removed. Ed's opened his search history. No one would have seen anything. If a guy in front of the class had yelled poor job so loud. The classes around US heard it opened. It's one thing to have the class class here. It's another everybody L.. Fear at the Detroit red for embarrassment and ask how to delete so. Let's spent the rest of the class class showing him how to clean his search history and how to use incognito mood. Then thirsts cool. Talked about that for a couple days as he was everyone's favorite teacher but nothing came happened to him that they know of. There's always the a comment goes like there's always the. OMG They watch born person in these situations. Guess what made almost everyone does or at least is there specific point of their lives. Yeah like even the purest person has done it. Read Watch consumed any material you so you don't have to be a big deal over there like. Oh my God. The teacher was yes. Burley the principal even worse okay. Next in middle-school again this kid kept tied. They his poop in the bathroom ceiling. The ceiling had those for Me River Movable Powell's one one day cameras installed and he was caught because of the timeframe in which visited the bathroom. I'm not sure what his punishment was. Phantom pooper strikes again that'll be comic book hero. Someone gets on the APP so this is the next one in Catholic school they. They left a storage closet. That had all the communist communion. What open so a handful of? US got in there and stole some bottles else. It's essentially a very low alcohol red wine but they were teenagers and free alcohol free alcohol. Good this this is amazing. Ah I read my bottle out and stash it in my car but one of the other guys left. His in his backpack walked into math class and dropped his back back onto the floor. Shat the read the bottle. And that's really sucks for the bag and him. Needless to say it leaked when all over the floor. The teacher freaked out causing the kid freak out and he ran and locked himself in one of the bathrooms they had. The call is buried into the school too good to come out because he was panic. The funniest part was there was a freshman in the bathroom when he locked himself in their. Let the kid leave so it was like a borderline hoops. The situation for five minutes legged. It wasn't meant to be something but kept girly. Could cut cut cut Kelly speaking. It's kind of like ration- The guy was typically a good good so he had to do. Today's I s S.. I think that's attention and fortunately the anyone else that was amazing got it. I wonder if they still compete consuming. The wine thing after this so this comet was like there's a reply that was like it was a bubble of a pup in. They do what they do. Okay this is legitimately allow this subject back. Show right but this is the funniest ever see. That has to be the funniest. He's the best excuse I've ever seen thank you very much. Okay this next one is is list and some of them are illegal so I'm going to skip them but anyways I'll read the funny ones. Elephants started entering our school so we got a holiday. Hey Kid toilet paper a toilet seat. And Seth on fire low. Pardes entered the school two times Out of the blue. What in the middle of a board examination like Saturday's test. They decided to have a fire. Drill Jill what. That's so weird so the next one a Guy I knew when I was a kid was playing with fireworks. Why and accidentally burnt them half the school. He will probably have to pay for the rest of his life. Big Said my teacher set off the fire alarm in fifth grade because we were doing an experiment. The firefighters came and everyone was freaking out and they were just sitting there like exit lead that that was funny. Like yeah the worst thing. I've done in the chem lab though West just broken stuff flick. Lots and lots of broken glass and it was funny for a while until you got annoying to pay the fee for broken fix. There's another play another comment. That's a list but Others are too dark or illegal so I'm just GonNa read the Okay Ish. One sixth grade someone got alcohol poisoning and had to be rushed to the hospital. They hid their alcohol in a gatorade bottle. WHOA that's very early. I am surprised or not. I guess so this next one a kid hid was busted for growing lead his closet but he was using a really sophisticated it well put together hydroponic system. His parents parents were totally on board with his project. That's pretty amazing. Like wow you make a whole hydroponic system in the closet. That sounds pretty amazing. Like if it was the planet. We'll be okay here but weeds again. I guess I guest hydroponic system and the receiving a comment. It's like meet the engineer. He's definitely going to be an engineer in the future. I can't tell you that okay so this next one is a senior prank. Burghley going to be really funny. All the seniors pulled their money to buy I three foot dildo covered it in lube and glued to the ground. We've got a picture of a school resource officer trying to pull it off. I think chance the rapper tweeted about it. Not One hundred percent sure and if you go to my school that's the first thing that comes up. That is what I call amazing. That prank is a prank for the ages. That is for sure amazing case so next up some guys at my buddies old school broke in after our sweet fucking cow and let it up the stairs to one of the the upper floors fun fact. The cows have no problem going upstairs but they will get terrified and flat out refused to move if he tried to get them to go back down. The school had fun with that one actually from what I know people actually have to slice the the code to do that. I'm not sure if a weight retrieved a cow if it's if you're gonNA keep it alive so I hope the cows alive at least okay. This is probably lest one since I kind of have to rest Catholic school again and it's once again discovery of something this this time. We found three hundred pounds of expire gatorade powder in the sports closet. We snuck in at midnight one night and moved all the powder to the boys locker room for some reason. The coach never went in the locker room. We had powder fights but in people's shoes and backpacks and we even mixed up huge batches with trashcans and shower water thing. We even took five gallon buckets and mixed up some gatorade and rick them to people suckers. This went out for three months until the coach found out and went into investigate. Investigate he even set one of the rig lagers and drenched his shoes. Who've we were the locker room for the remainder of the year and when we were discovered we still had a hundred pounds of powder left magin using just two thirds of that. And gannet clot. I can't be just but that has to be so funny like why. Well I guess worth it so anyways. That's pretty much it for fun or while things that happened in your school. I hope to see a guy snacktime but for this starting this week doc. I'M GONNA be busy with school. So schedules could be off already. Talked about this before. Also be sure to try to donate to a Patriot patriotic dot com slash director and great me. Five stars from pod. Chaser subscribe subscribe to my twitter and facebook. Both are both have the registering their names. Twitter's director underscored T- facebook is the Predator podcast. Thank you all so much and have a lovely day..

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