Qualcomm is at the center of 5G. Were still, almost, there.


When it comes to rolling out five G.. There are a lot of moving parts at the heart hearts of the stories. It's qualcomm the company makes wireless chips for your phone and develops and licenses other technology in the wireless industry and it's been pushing five Gerard like future of the business hard but there are aspects of the five G. Rollout qualcomm can't control like how long it takes infrastructure to make it into you every neighborhood in the country. The company is also the subject of an F. T. C. investigation over whether it abused its monopoly. Position in four G.. Technology to charge too much for licensing. It actually settled a long-running lawsuit with apple over the same thing. Last April Cristiano Amman is the president of QUALCOMM. And we spoke about all of this at in Las Vegas starting with the promise of five G.. Basically as you bring the computational power of the cloud cloud all of the data that exists in the cloud to any device and one of the things we said in the very beginning of this transition in the five era era will develop side by side with five G.. Just because you're connected to Clo- you have a lot of data you can apply machine learning tool the data five days also technology that I think we've I've been waiting for right. We've been talking about the promise for a long time consumers. Being consumers people are getting impatient. At what point do you think people are getting frustrated. Or they're gonNA. I say this is all hype and no reality. I agree those things. Take time for you to have all of those benefits technology you have to have coverage infrastructure instructor needs to be built. There is no free lunch unless you have covers. You Not GonNa get there. We have a couple of things that would dealing with as an industry. I I if you look at United States one of the number one obstacles when you talk to operators its ability to get new sites up and they are working working with municipalities one at a time China for example have identified one million sites for five G. until the end of two thousand twenty. It also sounds like five day deployment is really important to your long term business success. I mean is there any world I can just hear the open source community city saying like listen you could potentially make some of this available for everybody to build on to accelerate the ecosystem. Well that's what we do if you were an automaker or if you're an industrial company and let's say you're Bausch and you're making manufacturing robots and you want to add five g you have to build. Put An engineering capability of a Samsung or apple. To be able to deal with this and what qualcomm offers is will provide you a license. Essence would provide you a chipset would provide a reference design. We provide your software. You can easily add seller to your robots industrial machine to your car and if you we don't have a model that is horizontal in creates eco-system. You actually prevent all of those other industries to get access to sell it. They have to build a cellular or phone company to be able to do it. And that is why we think five G. we're going to see an expansion of the licensing model not the other the other direction. Yeah this is a little bit of a left turn but we've been doing a lot of coverage on climate and how technology in the tech industry can help us adapt be more. Resilient may maybe maintain emergency communications. How do you see welcomes role in sustainability and resilience and climate conversation overall? Look I I feel I feel. It's a IT'S A. It's an interesting I agree with you. It's I didn't expect that question but The way the way we think about is I at the very basic. We're a company that developed technology for a battery powered device like we don't have the luxury extre- in into technology that we do to assume that we're going to be plugged into wall so we're probably being br building a lot of efficiency. That's no no Secret why we've been so successful in automotive because as an industry like any all of the industry really try to address How they can be more efficient consume laugh? You will consume less electricity and I think as a general. I think that's one of the things that we contribute. The other thing is by making everything connected it. There is a significant increase in productivity. Even when you think I'm trying to provide more of a vision but we always said that that every year that goes by you do more of your work and your phone And I think that's going to change over time with everything connected enact productivity people will be able to Damore to work at home. They won't be able to connect with other people without having to be there and I think there's a lot of in direct benefits of basically providing technology that allow everything to be connected. I do as long as we're in our awkward questions phase WanNa talk about licensing Because parts of that business model of come under scrutiny qualcomm Ben in a long legal battle with the Federal Federal Trade Commission over whether some of those this licensing agreements have reached monopoly status. Do Plan to approach five licensing any differently in light of those disputes. Look there's so much I can tell you about. You know the dispute. I think other than the public statements were made. Were very pleased and was the right decision. You know for us to be granted at stay and I. I think we're waiting for the appeal. But we can tell you is we. We actually have a very vibrant Licensed business more though. That equi enables competition competition. We're very pleased that we have many companies that sign a five t license with qualcomm independent of the dispute in even post the ruling and That validation that you know we have a competitive business model and actually won the provides growth in competition industry. All right last question because you first joined qualcomm. Welcome in Nineteen Ninety five when the company was just ten years old. And you've left income back since then but I just. I wonder what that journey has been like in this entire ecosystem system. It's an. It's an incredible company. Actually I was fortunate enough to join before the first. CDMA network was able to see. Every single transition of wireless ARLEDGE LENDS EIGHTY FIVE THIRTY ONE G two G to three G. to four G. Five G. so I've been to all of those it's really fascinating to see how seller changed the society. It's one of those few opportunities dead and I think all of our employees feel that you can work on something that you actually no that changed the society and It's also interesting to see that we. We may bet that everybody. In each one of those bats knowing exception told us that's That's not gonNA work or there's no need for this and And we'll we'll be able to see as we state with their vision to transformation and I don't WanNa go back all the way to CMA. But I'll tell you an example when when when we first talk about four g you know it was fascinating to see. All of the analysts on their blackberrys sending emails to each other saying a WHO needs a hundred megabits per phone. Nobody needs it. I have living I need to have my email I have all of the. DSM is good enough for email and blackberrys now and Ns US and now we see people say hi. Paul needs to be connected with the cloud and you know multiple gigabits of Speed Woolsey. Cristiano Amman is the president of QUALCOMM. All Com we spoke at. CAS in Las

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