What we know, and don't, about the alleged Bezos phone hack


We're learning details about an alleged Saudi plot to silence Amazon's Jeff Bezos Basil's also owns The Washington Post newspaper CBS news correspondent Jeff to gaze has Basil's as phone was hacked possibly by the Saudi crown prince according to the report Amazon billionaire Jeff bass since Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Sulman exchange messages on what's out before but the message sent in may of two thousand eighteen set in motion a wild chain of events U. N. says an MP four video file sent from a what sap account used by the crown prince infected Basil's his phone and caused a massive and unprecedented exfiltration of data the flow of information out of the Washington post owners phone jumped by twenty nine thousand percent and he would soon get messages from the account signaling that he was being spied on the Saudis were unhappy with the Washington post's coverage of the kingdom and they're calling this Jamal because shogi a critic of the regime five months after basis is phone was hacked Jamal to show he was killed inside the Saudi consulate in Istanbul for which the Saudis alternately took responsibility on sixty minutes did you order the murder and Jamal Khashoggi get a check let absolutely not this was a heinous crime and Tennessee and I take full responsibility as a leader in Saudi Arabia especially since it was committed by individuals working for the Saudi government one month after the killing another message from the account of been Solomon included a photo of a woman resembling Lauren Sanchez whom Basil's was secretly having an affair with soon after the national Enquirer broke the story of Basil's affair and Basil's blame the Saudis the Saudi foreign minister denied his government's involvement in hacking Basil's his phone I think of said is exactly the right to the idea that the conference would hack Jeff bases phone is absolutely silly this was spy ware and we're told that basis didn't even have to click on it for it to sweep up his information I can get your passwords text messages even have access to your phone and so now the U. N. is calling for the US to investigate the FBI though is not

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