Driver Charged With Murder In Wreck That Killed 3 Teen Boys Near Corona


Ryan a corona man accused of running a car full of teens off the road over a Ding dong ditch prank and killing three boys has been charged with capital murder prosecutors have filed three counts of murder and three of attempted murder accounts forty two year old a note of Chandra the complaint includes a special circumstance allegation of multiple murders that means prosecutors could seek the death penalty authorities say the teens were having a sleep over on Sunday and decided to pull a doorbell ditch prank at a house nearby Sandra got into his car and chased after the teens allegedly ramming their car on to medical canyon road near trilogy parkway causing the driver leaves control subsequently exceed the roadway and collided with a tree future feeler tenet David you Oakley said at a news conference earlier this week with the help of witnesses investigators were able to determine the collision was an intentional act the three teens who died for all sixteen years old the three other teens suffered non life threatening injuries your CCLI said witnesses let's see H. B. officers to Chandra's home near the crash site Chandra has been in custody since his arrest and is awaiting arraignment click here fescue talk KNX ten seventy

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