Thousands turn out for first day of early voting in Nevada caucuses


Democratic race to challenge president trump has moved to Nevada where Democrats are looking to prove. They could build a diverse coalition of support in a primary race. Many now expect to stretch on for months this morning. I'll speak with two candidates former mayor people to judge and Senator Amy Klobuchar who are tried to capitalize on momentum. Coming out of New Hampshire joining me now from Vegas. Is the candidate with the most democratic delegates. Pete booted. Thank you so much for joining me this morning. Mr I want to. With the Culinary Union in Nevada the Culinary Union is coming out against Bernie Sanders Healthcare Plan. Because it would do away with the deal that they negotiated with private insurers that led to some sanders supporters personally attacking the union leaders. Sanders had has disavowed the attacks. I WanNa show you what he said. He said. That harassment of all forms is unacceptable to me and we urge supporters of all campaigns not to engage in bullying or ugly personal attacks. You've been critical of Sanders of about all of this. Is that good enough for you. You know it's really disturbing to see the Culinary Union attacked when these are workers who have stood up and fought for among other things. Good healthcare plans. They're not interested in Washington taking away their choice and I think part of what's at stake in this election is the idea the idea. I'm putting forward of delivering healthcare to everybody. So there's no such thing as an uninsured American but doing it with Medicare for all who wanted while union members and others who have good plans are able to keep it You know no one should go after working people For wanting to defend and grow what they have earned and it's a key point of difference at the policy level Between me and Senator Sanders and also I think A very important that That supporters of any candidate do this with respect. We have a crisis of respect and decency obviously in the White House right. Now he'd have competition on our side but Y- you know I'll leave it to senator sanders to characterize What's going on with his own supporters. What I'll tell you that I'm focused on making sure that my own supporters and our campaign conduct this competition even when it's heated with a level of respect for where people are coming from because we're talking about workers standing up for their own care so you say that your health care plan is better for unions in particular because their members could keep their private insurance. But you also have said that if your health care plan is a success it could create a quote glide path to Medicare for all. Can you guarantee to these union? Workers that if you're elected president they will be able to keep their private healthcare plan. Absolutely look Senator Sanders plan by definition abolishes. Private plans like what the culinary workers and other workers across Nevada in America have mine does not. It's a simple clear in major difference. Now as you pointed out if my plan is the very best insurance plan in America and I think it just might be then eventually everybody will cross over to it but I want them to be able to decide and in the event that it's not if some plans out there are better. Why WOULD WE WANNA kick anybody off of it? This is a common sense position that most Americans support it still amounts to the most progressive major reform to healthcare that. We've had in fifty years but it is doable. I it makes sense. It's the right policy And it has the advantage of being something that Americans could actually unite around the next presence going to be taking office in dangerously divided Washington. Here we have an opportunity to have bowled big meaningful change and actually have that bold change. Be Unifying rather than divisive. Why wouldn't we take that opportunity? Okay so Mr Mayor. Let's talk about the race that you're in right now. You have the most delegates after the first two contests They were overwhelmingly white states. The race is about to get much more diverse and a new quinnipiac poll showed that since last month the former vice president Joe Biden his support among black voters has fallen by more than twenty points but mayor Bloomberg his support among black voters has tripled to twenty two percent. You on the other hand. You're at four percent Why aren't those voters coming to you? You know I'm not focused on poll numbers right now. We're having conversations with voters. Many of whom by the way Have been very busy in their lives and Last year were saying you know. Come back to me when there are more than twenty of you and are taking a different and new. Look at the candidates now that we've demonstrated that we've been able to gain support in states like Iowa New Hampshire become more racially diverse states like here in Nevada and South Carolina. Many of the voters of color that I'm talking to are focused particularly on a in particular on one thing defeating Donald Trump Look nobody is experiencing the pain of living under this administration. More than voters of color. And I'm talking to a lot of highly pragmatic voters. Who want to know more than anything else that you can put together the organization and the message that will decisively defeat. This president

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