Did the Academy just leak Oscar winners’ list? Twitter users confused


I want to tell you and okay I got to tell you about the Oscars really quick internet all I'll tell you just the the quick version of the story so currently the Oscars we're trying to encourage people with this tweet about how do I put this the headline is they accidentally posted their own Oscar predictions all and this came after they were releasing a tool for fans to treat their best guesses so what they were doing was showing how it worked and in order to show how it worked the academy tweeted out a photo that read my Oscar predictions with picks for all the major categories there picks include but the all the standards like Joaquin Phoenix Best Actor Renee for Best Actress tipped for Supporting Actor Laura Dern Supporting Actor as Sam Mendes Best Director parasite Best Picture which is how we expect it to go but fans thought that the academy had leaked to the winners righ hall could you imagine the organization deleted the tweet and issued an apology and they they wrote a brief issue on Twitter made some of yours look like they came from our account they did end the error is now resolved will reveal our picks on Sunday all I know what they're trying to say here because so these predictions with in the academy that's what it looks like they're saying no these were your predictions interesting maybe they're saving face and those were the that's what I think maybe we should print it out and see you know if you went through a checklist be that what they are the winners well they probably are the way we should hang on to that let me well and go through and maybe see how accurate was in that office could you have bad I think that I think there's something to this they're saying that some people are saying no they tweeted people's predictions to take the the DM thing and then other people are mad they're going people bet on this stuff is really the result I'm headed to the pay window it out all my goodness that would be that it would just wrecked the whole night I am very entertaining to watch though somebody said it's worse than announcing the wrong winner so I'm gonna keep this link you should you should yeah print that out for some homework I mean honestly does do look like cool we're expecting to win yeah so we'll we'll find out we'll keep you up to date on that we

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