Rush Limbaugh's Medal of Freedom from Trump draws backlash


Backlash to President Trump's decision to award rush limbaugh the Presidential Medal of freedom. You've got to C. N. N.'s. Brian Todd Brian Wolf to say this is controversial is putting it mildly rush. Limbaugh has a huge following one of the reasons for that is that he's so controversial but some members of Congress civil rights leaders and others are simply outraged tonight because of limbaugh long history of divisiveness in dramatic fashion Russia for the first time ever at a state of the Union address a president awards the Presidential Medal of freedom rush limbaugh. Thank you for your decades devotion to our for some members of Congress like Cedric Richmond who've worked for years to bridge racial divides the award of the nation's highest. I civilian honor to radio. Host Rush. Limbaugh in their chamber was a Gut Punch. This would just be one bad time in America's history where we placated in pander to racists and Dan dividers for decades limbaugh's been accused of overt race baiting of appealing to the worst of Americans prejudices often directing his most incendiary remarks toward African Americans. The NFL all too often looks like a game between the blood weapons. President Obama was a frequent target target. Limbaugh playing a provocative song on his show magic and Limbaugh was one of the early proponents of one of the most infamous false attacks on Obama which was heavily promoted by Donald Trump. Rush Limbaugh was at the centre or at least was a contributor to the conspiracy theories about President Obama the specious and harmful argument. That President Obama had not been born in the United States and therefore was an illegitimate president. And what riles Congressman Richmond. Is the company rush. Limbaugh now keeps when you think about the people who have received this awarded as people who bring the people who fight for cause of unity and justice and then we just give it to somebody who has stoked and is a blatant racist limbaugh now shares a medal of freedom with civil rights icons Martin Luther King Junior Muhammad Ali Jackie Robinson and Rosa Parks who President Clinton recognized after bestowing stowing. The award on her at a state of the Union address in the middle of his impeachment limbaugh also drew criticism for comments about women including his remark Mark About Female Georgetown University Student Who Campaign for access to birth control. Does that make her an extra slut right right prostitute. She wants to be paid to have sex rush. Limbaugh later apologized. President trump does have the prerogative to give the medal of freedom freedom to whoever he chooses and plenty of other recipients have been controversial. It should also be noted that rush limbaugh has an enormous following and just revealed he has late stage stage lung cancer but historian Tim Noth- tally believes at this moment in this political climate. I think the president has tarnished the award by giving it to a very divisive figure in of reality show moment in the state of the union at a time when this country three desperately needs healing. I asked Congressman Richmond if he'll lodge a protest against the award to limbaugh. We're watching effort to have that award revoked. He said there are too many other other important issues. He has to concentrate on and he doesn't want to give this any more attention. We did ask the White House to respond to the criticism over the limbaugh award. We never heard back from them.

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